10 ways to get more Pinterest traffic

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Trying to get more Pinterest traffic?

Incase you can’t tell by all my Pinterest tips, I love Pinterest. It’s the number one way I get traffic to my blog!

If you’re struggling to get traffic to your blog, then this is the post for you.

I’ve made a list of 10 ways you can use Pinterest to get more traffic to your blog!

How to get more blog traffic using Pinterest


1. Use different types of images throughout your blog posts

I’ve seen so many tips on making good title pins (more on this further down), but I hardly ever see advice on Pinterest images other than title pin tips. Regardless of your niche, you want to be using different types of images in your posts to get more Pinterest traffic.

If you’re a beauty blogger, use a collage made up of images of different products. If you do DIY, create a pictorial (step-by-step pictures showing how to do the DIY combined into one image). And no matter what your niche is, your blog post probably provides information. You can make this into an info graph for another way to get engagement on Pinterest and traffic to your blog.

You get my point here. Pinterest is visual, and regardless of your niche you want to be using more images in your blog posts to get more engagement on Pinterest. You can read more about the different types of images you can add here.

2. Hide multiple images with your blog post title on to pin to Pinterest

When you have an image with your blog post title pinned to Pinterest, people will read that title and click to read the post on your blog.

That’s one lead per blog post.

Why not have 2? Or 3? Hec, why not 5?!

When you have multiple images in your blog posts optimised for Pinterest, you provide multiple leads to the one blog posts. It’s also good because:

  • You can use different designs for the different images and word them differently. This way you engage more people on Pinterest. Some will hate your first pin image which uses bright pink. But will love your second pin which doesn’t! You can read more about why you shouldn’t brand your pins here.
  • You have more pins to work with. This means you can pin about the same post to boards multiple times without people getting sick of it, because the images you are pinning are different.

I know you won’t want 5 long images with your title on worded slightly differently throughout your blog post. So read how you can hide images in your blog post here. That way you can still provide multiple leads to get more Pinterest traffic, without your post looking cluttered.

3. Use titles for your pins that make people think they HAVE to click on them

If your titles are boring, nobody will click on them to read them. Simple.

To go with the point above, make sure when you are using multiple title pins that each one is worded differently to engage different people. Also make sure this wording is going to make people think they HAVE to read that post. You can read the best titles to get more traffic from Pinterest here.

4. Pin amazing pinterest graphics that look good

This should go without saying, but nobody wants to engage with an ugly pin! That means no re-pins and no click throughs to your blog if your pin images don’t look good.

I struggled for ages with getting engagement on my pins. After a lot of trial and error I finally found out how to design pins that get repins, and I got my first viral pin (over 100,000 impressions!). 

5. Include previews of your freebies in your pins 

I’ve only recently started doing this, but wow has it made a difference! I don’t know why I didn’t start doing it sooner- I nearly always go to click and read a blog post if I’m promised something free with it.

I have multiple pins for each posts (I explained why in my first point). Generally my pins that include wording like “Free PDF” or something similar and give a little preview of that freebie get the most re-pins and visits to my blog.

6. Pin your content to relevant group boards

Group boards have been amazing for helping me grow my blog. I started my Pinterest account with zero followers (yep, from scratch). I put my consistent growth down to group boards, as I would have been pinning my content to no followers otherwise!

Group boards are good for getting traffic because:

  • The amount of followers a group board has will vary greatly, but unless you are the person in charge of the group board, the board followers are different people to your followers. Therefore every time you pin to these boards, you are putting your content in front of a new group of people. So more people to click through and read your posts!
  • The amount of contributors in each group board will also vary. Some will have hundreds, so every time you pin to these boards you are putting your pins not only in front of the followers of the board, put also the people who contribute to the board. And a lot of the time, group boards have rules like “repin per pin”, so contributors are looking to repin good content (yours!).

If you’re struggling to find group boards to join. check out my list of 30 group boards for all niches here.

I also specify to pin to relevant group boards. This is one I’m still working on, but there’s no point in pinning a pin about saving money to a board that’s about branding your blog.

Why? Because the people in that board are only going to be pinning stuff about saving money, and the people following that board are following it because they want content about saving money. So your pin about branding? It ain’t gonna go down well.

(Also because if you’re pinning off topic pins, you’re probably going to end up being booted from the group board).

So whilst it’s good to join general group boards, it can be more beneficial to join very specific group boards and pin relevant content you know both the contributors and followers will be interested in.

7. Pin your content to your own boards as well as group boards

I got it into my head “Pin your stuff to group boards, and repin others’ to your boards”. Whilst this works when you first start out to help you get a good reach with your pins, this isn’t such a good strategy when you start to gain your own followers.

Some people will follow just one or two of your boards. This is especially true if you’re in a lot of group boards or have lots of boards about different topics. Therefore if you have someone just follow one of your boards about sewing, they are never going to see your pins about sewing if you only pin your sewing pins to group boards you’re in that they don’t follow!

Make sure that as well as pinning your stuff to group boards, pin your stuff to your own boards too. I tend to wait a day, maybe 2, and then once my pin has been pushed down through my board by content from other people I’ve pinned to it, I pin my own stuff again.

8. Pin a lot consistently  (50 pins a day)

Since making an effort to pin more (around 50 pins a day), I’ve noticed that my traffic increases on those days that I pin to all of my group boards and repin from those boards. What’s great is after those days, the next day I still get a decent amount of blog traffic, even if I don’t pin as much. Presumably this is because those pins from the day before are still making their way around.

I don’t recommend having days “off” pinning. I’m unsure how it affects the way Pinterest sees your account if one day you’re pinning over 50 pins and the next day none. However, making sure you pin a lot regularly will make sure that if you do have a day when you want to pin less, you will still get blog traffic from Pinterest.

9. Work on your Pinterest SEO

You can have beautiful Pinterest graphics and a good amount of followers. But in order to keep your reach growing and to get more Pinterest traffic, you need to be working on your Pinterest SEO (search engine optimisation).

Pinterest isn’t just a social media platform. It’s also a search engine. You know those lucky people who have their website appear on the first page of Google? And consistently get traffic just by people searching and their blog coming up? Well, they’re not lucky. They’ve nailed their SEO. And you can do the same for Pinterest.

By working on your Pinterest SEO, you can ensure that when people search for something on Pinterest, your account/ boards/ pins will come up, just like with Google. Meaning you get more Pinterest traffic!

A good way to start is to make sure you are using keywords. You can find out the secret to using keywords on Pinterest here.

10. Join Facebook groups and participate in repin threads

Joining Facebook groups and doing repin threads is another great way to get more Pinterest traffic. You simply join a group and each day or once week (depending on the group), the moderator will post saying to comment a pin you want repinned and the number of other pins you must re-pin.

Obviously it can be a bit time consuming reading through the comments and looking for pins to repin that are relevant to your niche. However this is a good way to get more Pinterest traffic.

There are hundreds, sometimes thousands of people in these groups. And even if you have hundreds or thousands of Pinterest followers, the chances of those being the exact same people in the group is very slim.

It’s just another way of getting your pins in front of different people and getting guaranteed re-pins. You can get a list of 30 Facebook groups for bloggers here.

These are just some of the things I’ve been doing to get more Pinterest traffic.

If this post has helped you, please pin it on Pinterest!

10 ways to get more Pinterest traffic

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4 thoughts on “10 ways to get more Pinterest traffic”

  1. Hey Emily,

    This is an awesome list, thanks very much for spending the time putting it together!

    I couldn’t agree more with your advice about joining relevant Pinterest group boards. When I first started, I joined far too many general boards with massive follower counts, only to find that I got next to no repins from them!

    For me, the sweet spot seems to be group boards with 5-15k followers, and a topic that is very closely related to my blog’s content. I just wanted to share my experience in case any of your readers are frustrated that group boards aren’t working for them. I know I viewed them as the ‘holy grail’ for Pinterest growth when I first started, and they definitely can be, as long as you use a targeted approach.

    Thanks again. Keep up the good work!


    1. You’re welcome Jonathan!
      Yes, it’s a big misconception that the more followers on a group board, the better. I think it’s really important to monitor how well your pins are being interacted with on a board. There’s no point being on a group board if you aren’t getting the re-pins!
      I completely agree- Pinterest is my main source of traffic and can be excellent for getting page views, but only if done right.
      Good luck with your blog too!

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