8 quotes every #girlboss will love

The girlboss movement is something I love.

Especially when it comes to blogging- When I first started, I spent way to much time alone on my laptop, just writing blog posts.

But now that I’ve been blogging for a few years (you can read my story here), I realised one of my biggest mistakes was not reaching out to other bloggers like me!

Because there are so many other people who also love to write, and be creative, and want to be their own bosses and work from anywhere in the world. And I just love that there are so many girls that wan’t to take control of their lives and make money for themselves, doing something they love!


Whether you’re thinking about starting your own business, or your’re already running your own success business. I love quotes and they help me to feel motivated (you can check out my Pinterest board full of them here).

So this post is a list of some of my favourite girlboss quotes.

Hopefully they will make you feel inspired AF! (Even if, like me, you’re currently sat at home in your pyjamas!).


So this is the first quote I have picked:

girlboss quotes

And because it resonates with my blogging journey really well.

When I started my first blog, it actually took me almost a month to just go for it and start. And that’s because I was really doubtful toward myself.

“What if I can’t work out how to do it?”

“What if it’s a waste of time?

I’d ask myself questions like these constantly in the month leading up to starting my first blog. And whilst I don’t have that blog anymore, I started this one alongside it.

And it’s on the way to becoming successful (I make a part-time income with it- you can read how I made $439 blogging in 1 month here), and I’ve learnt soo many new skills from it (web design, digital marketing, SEO).

Plus, one thing I’ve definitely learnt is to be less doubtful! If I have a gut feeling now, I tend to be more positive about it and act quicker.


girlboss quotes

I can also relate to this one on my path to becoming an entrepreneur.

There are so many steps I have put off, just by thinking “oh, I’ll do that one day”. But if I had started that day, I would have been a day closer to my goal.

For example, I knew for ages that I wanted to created an ebook to sell on my blog.

But I kept putting it off.

“One day I’ll be one of those bloggers who has an awesome ebook everyone raves about”.

Until eventually I realised the sooner I just did it, the sooner the day I was dreaming about would come!

So I went ahead and made my first ebook (you can take a look at it here).

Just like the first quote, I was seriously doubtful that anyone would even buy it (let alone like it). And at first, I thought it was a massive fail, because absolutely nobody was buying it.

But exactly like the first quote, my doubt was actually stronger than my failure.

Because I had done all the work now, and it was just a case adapting and learning to overcome the failure so it wasn’t one anymore.

And now, people are buying my ebook every month… And, they love it!

So the day I was dreaming about? I stopped thinking about it as “one day” and thought about it as “day one”. And I’m soo much closer to my goals now!


quotes for girlbosses

Again, this one speaks to me.

Because it’s not exactly the deep emotional story you’d expect. But there have been so many steps when building my blog, where I have just felt like quitting because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

But instead of giving up, I would focus and learn it the best I can. Then come back and tackle the problem.

And now, looking back, without struggling in these different areas, I wouldn’t have the skills I have now!

EXAMPLE: I used to get really frustrated when I’d write detailed blog posts to help beginner bloggers, but then nobody would read them.

But instead of quitting, I went tried different strategies to grow my blog.

And now, I get almost 20k page views a month! And some of my posts have over 20k shares!


This is one of my favourites:

girlboss quotes

I hear so many of the people around me (both family and friends) who are unhappy in their 9-5 jobs.

And I get that not everyone will be in the position where they can side hustle at another job, such as blogging like I do.

BUT, you can’t spend your days wishing for something and then expect it to happen if you’re not doing anything towards it!

I spend nearly all my free time on my blog, and I have made a lot of sacrifices for it.

But for me it is worth it, knowing that I am on the way to having a full-time income doing something I love. That one day, I will be working from wherever I want, whenever I want, doing whatever I want!

If this sounds like something you want too, but you’re not sure where to start, you can sign up for my free course Easy Passive Income.

It’ll show you how to start making passive income online, meaning you don’t have to be actively working to earn it. (Seriously, this is real- nearly all of my blogging income in July was passive, and I made $80 of that overnight whilst I was asleep!).

So sign up below:


quotes for girlbosses

I love how simple this one is, but still effective!

Every day, you have the chance to feel good about what you’ve done. To make it a productive day that’s a step closer towards yoru goal.

So make sure to slay your day!

And if you don’t- that’s okay, because everyone has off days. Just try and make the next day a better one 🙂


I think this girlboss quote is so important.

Because working towards your goals is not just about hustling at 100% miles per hour. And this is a mistake I made for quite some time.

My blog and online income has seriously started to grow since I’ve started to evaluate what strategies work, and which ones don’t.

And the ones that don’t work? I learn from them, and develop them until they do!

This is partly why I started sharing income reports; so I could evaluate what was working for me and what wasn’t, and set goals for me to try and achieve then track my progress.

So if you’re not where you want to be in your online business or blog, make sure to take a step back and evaluate what is actually working for you. Because if you’re spending all your time working on something that isn’t getting results, remember old ways won’t open new doors.


A lot of the time, people will knock influencers or bloggers because they are actually jealous of their lifestyle.

But that’s what splits people into two different kinds; you can be the kind of person who sees something they wants for themselves, and get jealous and frustrated and carry on with your life.

OR, you can see something you want, and start working towards getting it!


This is the last of my girlboss quotes, but it’s so simple.

Just go! Whatever you want to do, just go and do it!

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