When you first start blogging, there’s a common misconception that the most important part is writing your blog posts.

And don’t get me wrong – writing good blog posts that help solve problems for your reader is super important (no doubt you’ve heard “content is king” before!).

But a massive part of blogging success is working on getting blog traffic.

And I say working, because you do really need to put time and effort into getting blog readers.

It’s not a case of “Oh, just share your blog posts and people will find them”. (This is what I thought happened when I first started blogging!).

You need to really work on a strategy to get your blog posts out there if you want people to read your blog!

And this can be a struggle – for months I was publishing good quality blog posts, and was disheartened when nobody was reading them.

But I was determined to grow my blog and actually have people read the blog posts I was working so hard on!

So I worked on testing different strategies, to see what it actually takes to grow a blog.

And I’m pleased to say that now, I get over 15,000 blog views a month!

Below you’ll find some of my best tips for growing your blog I shared on my journey from 0 blog readers to thousands of readers each month.

And of course, I’m still learning – I’d love to one day have double this traffic, triple or maybe even more, and you can be sure I will share whatever works for me with you!

So check out these blog growth tips below:

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