The 30 best Facebook groups for bloggers in 2021

If you’re a blogger, you need to join blogging Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are basically groups of people with similar interests. So in this case, blogging.

This post is all about Facebook groups. Why they’re helpful for bloggers, what makes a good Facebook group.

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30 Facebook groups for bloggers


Facebook groups for bloggers are great for a few reasons:

  • To grow your blog. These Facebook groups for bloggers are a chance to promote your blog. Promo threads, answering questions from other bloggers, re-pin threads; these are all the perfect chance to start getting real engaged traffic to your blog.
  • To engage more with other bloggers. There can be thousands of people in these Facebook groups, looking to work with other bloggers, have their questions answered, and just to meet other bloggers. It’s one of the best ways to get talking to bloggers like yourself!
  • For support. Not only for other bloggers, but yourself. Often in these Facebook groups for bloggers, people ask questions they need real bloggers to answer. And sometimes, you’ll be stuck on something to do with your blog. Chances are someone in a Facebook group knows the answer and it’s just a comment away.


Why YOU need to be joining Facebook groups

When you join Facebook group for bloggers, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out them. They can be a waste of time, but good ones will make sure you are getting blog traffic from Facebook regularly.

Good Facebook groups:

  • Have good engagement. There’s no point being in a Facebook group if somebody is posting and then there’s crickets.
  • Have rules. These might seem unnecessary, but it helps stop the group becoming too sales-y with everyone promoting their own stuff.
  • Are well monitored. What’s the point in having rules if nobody sticks to them? A good Facebook group will have admin(s) that are focused on the group. They make sure nobody starts trying to sell stuff, and look for inappropriate comments.
  • Have a weekly schedule. This isn’t needed, but if the group has a weekly schedule, you know the admin is invested in the group. Groups that have a schedule also tend to have better engagement and opportunities to get more blog traffic.


Looking for Facebook groups can be very time consuming. However, I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!

Here is a list of 30 group boards for bloggers. I’ve made sure they’re very broad, so any blogger can join them.


So it would be foolish to write a blog post on Facebook groups, and not include the Easy Blogging Facebook group!

This is basically a group where like minded bloggers can find support and collaborate with each other to grow their blogs.

So make sure you join that first! It’s very new, but very responsive.

You can join by clicking the image above, or the link below:


Otherwise, here are the other Facebook groups!

  1. Blogging Like We Mean It
  2. Pinterest Ninjas
  3. Pinterest Pals
  4. Pinning Ain’t Easy
  5. Blogging for New Bloggers
  6. The Smart Blogging Approach
  7. Becoming a Blogger
  9. The Blog Boss Tribe
  10. Blogging Boost
  11. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers
  12. Bloggers United
  13. The Sway Facebook Group
  14. Blogging Newbs
  15. Boost Your Blog
  16. Grow Your Blog
  17. The Blogging Crew
  18. Blogging 101
  19. Blog Beautiful
  20. Awesome Bloggers
  21. The Blogging Squad
  22. Write Better, Blog Better: Writing Support for Bloggers
  23. Blogging and Vlogging
  24. Think Creative Collective
  25. Adventures in Blogging
  26. Blogging Over Breakfast: Strategies To Help Skyrocket Your Blog!
  27. I’m So Blogging This!
  28. Bloggers That Profit
  29. Blog Passion Project
  30. Boss Girl Bloggers ✨
  31. Profitable Bloggers
  32. Catch Me Collaborating


Facebook groups are not like Pinterest boards. They require a lot more time. You have to comment and do the requirements of the promo threads, such as following people on other social media platforms or sharing their content.

For this reason, I suggest you join 5 or less. Too many and you’ll find you’re just spreading yourself too thin and won’t want to engage in any of them. I’m currently in 3, and I’m not as active as I should be (this is mainly because I’m focusing on Pinterest and SEO right now, but still).


When you visit a Facebook group you’re not a part of, you will see the “+ Join Group” button, shown below.

+ Join group

Just click this button, and then if there are no requirements, you’re in!

However, a lot of groups have a form you have to fill out or requirements before you join. These might seem annoying, but they stop just anyone joining and make sure only people who should be are part of the group.


You can actually tell if the group is worth joining or not before you’re even in it.

First, look at the description

Facebook group description section

Normally these sections will say a little bit about the group, a weekly schedule if they have one, and rules. This good as you can see before joining if there are chances to promote your blog, if a group is too strict or if the group is off topic for you e.g it’s a group of mom bloggers and you’re not a mom.

Sometimes the rules and schedules are only shown once you’re in the group, as like a welcome. So don’t be put off if it isn’t mentioned in the description. It’s just a bonus if it is.

So in this case, although there’s no mention of a weekly schedule or rules, the description suggests it’s a supportive group with someone who knows their blogging stuff in charge of it!

You need to look at other factors to see if it’s worth your time joining it.

Scroll until you see the moderators and admins section

Facebook groups admins and moderators section

This Facebook group has a good amount of admins and moderators, meaning it’s probably well run.

Now look at the activity section

Here you can get an idea of the engagement of the group.

The right side shows the number of members

Facebook group members

Don’t think that the bigger this number is, the better. I actually don’t recommend joining a group with over 10,000 people if you’re looking to properly engage with other bloggers. Sometimes a smaller tight-knit group is much better for making bloggy friends!

You can also see that 460 people have joined in the last month. This is an indication that the Facebook group is growing, and other bloggers are finding it helpful.

On the left hand side, you can see the number of new posts

Facebook group new posts

There have been 937 posts in this group in the last month. WOW! That’s a busy group! This means that it’s a well engaged group, probably due to the number of people in it and as it’s still growing.

Again, don’t presume that the higher these numbers are, the better. This might actually be a difficult group to keep up with because of how many posts there are. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t join it, but you might want to join a smaller group next to make sure Facebook isn’t taking up all your blogging time!

Just definitely don’t join a group that’s had like 2 posts in the last 30 days. (That group is dead and it’s a waste of your time).

On the far right, you’ll see suggested groups

Facebook group suggested groups

These are recommended by Facebook. As you can see all the suggested groups for this group are also about blogging. Therefore it’s worth your time visiting some of these to see if the suggested Facebook group is actually better!


Don’t panic! It’s not a case of the more, the better. If you don’t get accepted, don’t take it personally. You might not be suitable for the Facebook group. Or it’s even that the admin is slow responding to requests. 

If you don’t get accepted within a couple of days, apply for a different Facebook group. You might never get accepted to the group you originally applied to, and you don’t want to sit around twiddling your thumbs waiting when you could be engaging and growing your blog in another group.

If it turns out you do get accepted and it’s taken the admin over a week to respond, it’s a sign they’re not well invested in their Facebook group for bloggers. So perhaps you don’t want to be part of that Facebook group anyway.

Plus, it’s better to apply to two and get accepted to them both eventually than apply to just one and wait around for them to accept you. You can compare and pick the best one after some time- there’s nothing wrong with leaving a group!

30 Facebook groups for all bloggers

That just about wraps up my post all about Facebook groups for bloggers.

If you liked this post and want to know more on getting traffic to your blog, check out these tips, including this post on 30 Pinterest group boards for bloggers.

Otherwise, go get joining!

32 thoughts on “The 30 best Facebook groups for bloggers in 2021”

    1. I’d say to apply to just a few at first, then see which ones you find are of the most benefit to you! Glad it’s helpful πŸ™‚

  1. That’s a huge guide. I was just searching something and your post appeared up. Which I think is an amazing piece of Work and really helpful in growing visitors.
    Thanks for the great share.

  2. I dream of one day becoming a successful blogger like you.I can write quality content ,however the main challenge is promoting my did you promote your first blog?

  3. There really are endless options of FB groups these days! I’d definitely suggest picking a few and being ACTIVE instead of joining all of them and doing nothing, haha. Not all of them are equally valuable but it’s all a big experiment at the end of the day ???? Thanks for sharing!! Will definitely check some out.

    1. Yes I agree! And you’re right about the experimenting- I have joined some before, and they weren’t as engaged as I thought. But I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t joined them! Glad to have helped πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Emily,
    What a great post on Facebook groups for bloggers! I love that you explain the different things to look for when joining a group. I’ve linked to this post as a reference in my post “Things To Do Before Launching A New Blog” (you can check it out at

    I also have a growing Facebook group for bloggers. Our group focuses on helping new bloggers, so it’s a place to connect with others, learn about important strategies of successful blogging, boost engagement on content, and support each other. Although it’s not as big as some on your list, it’s very helpful for the members since I respond to every comment and question.
    I’d be honored to have it included in this list, if you’re willing, you can check it out at

    Love your blog!

    1. Hey Angel!

      Thank you for such a lovely comment and linking to it in your post πŸ™‚

      Don’t worry about the size of your Facebook group! Support is much more important-it’s sometimes better to be in a small, engaged group than a big one with no support for sure. The saying is “quality over quantity” after all!

      I’ll be adding it to the list and checking out more posts on your blog real soon!

  5. Hi E,ily, I recently discovered your blog through Pitnerest, you have done amazing work, I have already sheduled many of your pins!
    Also, I’m the owner of the Blogging Facebook Group Golden Bloggerz, which is growing rapidly. We have daily promo threads & helpful members, so I’d be bery happy to have you in the group or if you can include it in your post!

    Thank you for sharign awesome content once again!

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