How to DOUBLE your blog traffic this summer

Want to get more blog traffic this summer?

Most blogs will take a massive hit in traffic over the summer months.

This is normal- people will be out enjoying the sunshine, and spending less time on their phones or laptops.

BUT that doesn’t make it less frustrating if you’re trying to grow your blog.

Plus, many bloggers rely on advertising income from their blogs. A hit in traffic can mean a loss of income (you can find out how these bloggers are making over $1000 a month here).

So whether you want to keep your advertising income stable, or you’re still in the growing stages of your blog, this post is all about how you can get more blog traffic in summer!


These tips are not ordered, and you should consider each of them if you are really serious about growing your blog this summer.

So let’s get started!


Although I just said that these aren’t ordered, if I had to say a tip that was the most important, it would be this one.

Writing seasonal content is a guaranteed way to get more traffic in summer.

Because you are creating content that engages a natural interest.

As it’s summer right now, people want to know (and read) stuff that’s to do with summer!

And that’s regardless of what niche you write in- it’s summer for everyone, so every target audience for every blog will be interested in summer related content.

It’s also so important to write relevant seasonal content.

For example, the majority of people right now will be interested in summer posts… not Easter.

So don’t waste your time creating seasonal content right now that isn’t relevant.

Make posts that answer the natural interest of people, and you will get more traffic.

(If you’re stuck on content ideas, check out my list of 60 summer blog post ideas for every blogging niche!).


In my post about how I doubled my blog traffic in 1 month, I had a section on SEO… But I know SEO scares bloggers off.

They think there’s too much tech involved.

But I ranked first on Google even as a new blogger. And I’ve come to learn that SEO is amazing for getting blog traffic.

Because people are always Googling questions.

If your blog can show up and answer them, you will get more blog traffic… Without having to actually do anything.

Just like passive income is the dream for most bloggers (you can find out the best passive income methods for bloggers here), passive traffic is also a big goal.

Imagine having hundreds of people read your blog daily. WITHOUT even having to do work and promote it to get them there constantly?

Obviously just like with passive income, you DO actually have to do some work for it.

But this is all upfront- you put the hard work in first, then reap the rewards later.

This is why I say that the best way to get more blog traffic in summer is to learn SEO- even though your efforts might not kick in immediately, they will be there forever.

Then next summer, you will simply need to tweak and update the content slightly to continue the results!


Facebook groups aren’t my favourite way to get traffic (you’ll find out what that is in a bit).

Mainly because they take a lot of effort.

You have to find posts from people who need your help, then write a comment (that is actually helpful) and includes a link to your blog if you want to get traffic from them.

But I can’t deny that they can be very helpful in getting blog traffic.

I always get more blog traffic from Facebook the days that I go through a group and find a post where I can help.

Plus Facebook groups are a great place to find bloggers who really want to collab, which can mean more links from other websites to your blog.

So if you’re not in Facebook groups already, you can find a list of 30 Facebook groups for bloggers here.


I literally never shut up about Pinterest.

But that is because I think it can be so helpful to pretty much all bloggers, no matter what niche you’re in.

If I can get over 13,000 page views a month through Pinterest in a niche like blogging and making money, if you’re a “visual” niche like fashion, beauty, DIY, decor, etc, you can get waaay more!

If you’re yet to start using Pinterest for your blog, sign up for my free Pinterest course Easy Pinterest with Emily.

It will show you step by step how to get Pinterest to work for your blog!

However, I’ve specifically said not just “start using Pinterest” and instead said go viral on Pinterest.

Getting a viral pin is guaranteed to increase your blog traffic massively this summer.

Literally all it takes is one or two viral pins to increase your traffic massively.

And this doesn’t have to be a quick traffic fix that will eventually run out either.

I had a pin go viral almost 9 months ago, and it’s still getting over 140000k impressions and 5,000 click throughs to my blog every month.

This is why I created The Viral Pin Guide.

To help show bloggers how to get viral pins and more traffic to their blog!


This is the last option.

It’s not my favourite for new bloggers, because it’s more expensive than doing it yourself.

But hiring someone who is an expert in getting blog traffic is a pretty guaranteed way to get more blog traffic this summer.

And it’s also one of the quickest ways to do it, because you don’t have to waste time testing out what methods work.

For example, I get over 13,000 page views alone from Pinterest every month.

But it took me 2+ years of trial and error to work out a system that actually “works”.

I’ve realised that not everybody will want to spend the time working out how to grow their blogs using Pinterest.

And now I am offering Pinterest management services– you don’t need to work it out for yourself, as I can do it for you instead!

So if you can afford it, I definitely recommend hiring someone who knows what they’re doing and can help you get traffic (like me!).


I think lots of experienced bloggers make summer seem all doom and gloom for blog traffic.

But this definitely does not need to be the case!

Just focus on some of the tips I have listed here, and you WILL beat the “summer slump” and grow your blog this summer 🙂

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