These bloggers make $1,000+ per month. Here’s how.

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“How do you make money blogging?”

Many people (myself included) start a blog with the hopes of running their own successful business online.

There are bloggers out there making an absolute killing from their blogs (we’re talking $1,000,000+ every year. More on that to come!).

But here’s a harsh reality. Most people will never make money blogging.

Why? Because they don’t really know how!

If you’re someone who’s been questioning if bloggers really make money blogging, this post is for you. I asked the following bloggers “how do you make money blogging?”, and I got some pretty interesting (and big) responses.

17 Bloggers share their money making tips and tricks

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Loose your preconceptions that blogging isn’t a real job now. Cause first up is one of the largest income reports from a blogger you will probably ever read.

Sarah from Sarah Titus earns $250,000 every month. WOW!

Sarah Titus comment

As you can see, she makes this much money through selling her own digital products.

Digital products are such a good way to make money blogging. Sarah herself says she used to sell on Ebay, but got fed up of having to ship items, etc. And that’s the great thing about selling digital products. No shipping! Your customers just pay and download, and they have their product and you get money.

You can see Sarah has a considerable amount of blog traffic. But the majority of her sales are actually through her email list.

Sarah’s story is inspirational. She shares it on her blog (if you have not read it I seriously suggest you do). And I actually think her sharing it is part of the reason she is so successful.

People don’t want to just hand their money over to another boring person on the internet. They want to really connect and feel like they know them personally before they buy something from them. It does make sense really- who’s going to hand their money over to a complete stranger?!

Take a leaf out of Sarah’s book. Make sure to share your story. Remind your blog readers that there is a person behind the screen and let them in. The result will be more trust, and more loyal customers.


If you thought Sarah earning money blogging was just a fluke, check out Russell and Maleah from Stock Millionaires. They’re making $10,000+ a month.
Russell Barbour comment

For those of you who aren’t sure what affiliate marketing is, it’s basically where you promote a product or service using a link that’s unique to you. Then if someone uses your link, you make money from it. There are more technical aspects to it- in particular it’s important to stay legal. But it’s a pretty easy way to make money blogging, providing:

  • You have an engaged blog audience.
  • You know what your audience would buy.

For example: I blog about blogging, so my audience would be interested in stuff to help them blogging. Blog courses, blog themes, blog planners, that kind of thing. What I would not do to make money through affiliate marketing, is promote a cook book. Because it’s got nothing to do with what I write about, and the majority of my audience wouldn’t be interested in it.

How to make $10,000 a month blogging (with under 10,000 monthly visitors!)

Russell’s advice on promoting high-ticket products? What this means is it’s better to promote products that are more expensive and make a few sales, than promote low cost products and have to make multiple sales to earn the same amount. So for Russell and Maleah, they make $500 every time they make a sale. It’s better for them to promote these expensive products and make what would be considered a small amount of sales per month, than to promote a product for $50 and have to try and make ten sales to match that profit.

Plus consider their readers are interested in stock markets. It makes sense to sell products that are slightly more expensive, as their audience probably has spare income they’re looking to invest to make more back. They’re probably willing to spend that much on a product.

Obviously this won’t be applicable for every niche. Like if you’re a DIY blogger, it might be better for you to have affiliate links to all the crafts you need to make something. But it is something to consider when asking yourself how you can make money blogging. You may only need to make a few sales through affiliate marketing to make a considerable income.

If affiliate marketing is a new idea to you, I do recommend the online course making sense of affiliate marketing. The author Michelle makes over $50,000 per month through affiliate marketing, and teaches you exactly how you can too! Including the technical side like staying legal. I credit it for making my first affiliate sale!

Stock Millionaires only gets around 8,500 visitors a month. So all those bloggers who say you need tonnes of traffic to make money blogging are telling you wrong! Sometimes, a small engaged audience is better for making money blogging.


If you think you need to blog about a particular topic to make money, you’re wrong, as Jodi from Leader Connecting Leaders shows:

Jodi Carlson comment

Jodi’s income varies quite drastically, which shows that although you can definitely make money blogging (and a considerable amount), it can be very inconsistent. But sometimes that’s part of the fun! Knowing that you work for yourself, and the harder you work the more money you can earn.

Selling your own products is such a good way to make money blogging. It overcomes the one problem with affiliate marketing- you’re still working for someone else. Their product has to be good enough for you to make money.

When you make and sell your own products, all the money goes to you!


You may think that home decor is a topic that’s over written about, but Debbie from The Flooring Girl is making a significant income from it. $10,000- $11,000 per month, to be exact.

Debbie gartner comment

What’s interesting about this is Debbie is using her blog to gain clients, providing her with another form of income. This can be great if you love blogging but have a skill you want to bring offline, such as if you’re a beauty blogger but want to offer your make-up services.

Debbie has also stated she offers SEO consultations over the phone. So remember, even if your blog is nothing to do with blogging, you most likely have learnt skills blogging people are willing to pay for!


Jeff runs the personal finance blog Dollar Sprout, which focuses on making and saving money, but is looking to expand into other finance topics soon.

Again, affiliate marketing can provide a significant income for most bloggers. You may be surprised that affiliate marketing works in most niches, especially for Jeff. Most of his readers would be interested in saving money and wouldn’t want to spend it, surely?

But remember, not all affiliate programmes require a person to buy something. Some just require you to refer people, and will pay you if someone subscribes to a service, downloads an app, etc.


One thing you might be worried about is whether as a new blogger you’re too late in the game to make money. Or maybe you haven’t started a blog and feel like it’ll take forever to make money blogging.

Well, Ashleigh from Smart Cents Mom started her blog in September 2016, and only working 10-12 hours per week on it, has built a blog that generates over $2000 per month.

Ashleigh Allman comment

Notice how 80% of her traffic is from Pinterest? If you’re a blogger and you’re not on Pinterest, you need to get on there now!

Pinterest is a mixture of a social media platform and a search engine. It’s amazing for getting blog traffic, regardless of the blog topic, but it’s especially good if you write in a visual niche like food, fashion, etc. You can find all my Pinterest tips here, including how to make $1,500 per month on Pinterest!

Ashleigh also states her income jumped from $700 to $2500 in a month. That for me is one of the thrills of blogging. Your income can increase drastically in the space of weeks!


If you don’t want to blog about an “obvious” niche but still make money, Kirstin from The Wayward Home has got you covered! She blogs about alternative living, and makes $2,000 per month doing it.

Kristin Hanes comment

Although her niche isn’t exactly common, Kirstin still has lots of traffic every month and makes a regular income from advertisements because of it.

In particular she gets a lot of page views from Pinterest. Like I’ve already said, you need to be on Pinterest if you have blog photography. You’re missing out on major blog traffic (and blog income) otherwise!

Google makes up a small amount of Kirstin’s traffic too. But do not underestimate this.

With SEO (search engine optimisation), someone searches for something on Google. Your blog comes up, they click on it, and they’re on your blog. That’s it!

SEO is one of the best ways to get people to your blog because:

  • Most of the effort you put in in the beginning pays off in the long term. Yes it might take some time to SEO optimise your posts and website, but once it’s done it’s done, and you’ll rank. You can find out how I rank first on Google here!
  • The readers coming to your blog through Google are engaged. They’ve searched a question, and your blog comes up. Chances are you’ve got the answer.
  • They’re likely to be a returning reader. Providing your post gave them what they wanted, your whole blog will be of interest to them!

So work on your SEO from the beginning if you want constant, engaged traffic to make money with.


Kelan and his wife Brittany run the personal finance and lifestyle blog The Savvy Couple. They blog primarily to help family’s learn how to budget and manage money so they can unlock their freedom in life.
Kelan J Kline comment

If you’re getting a significant amount of page views like Kelan and Brittany, advertisements are a great way to make money blogging. You sign up with an advertising company, place adverts throughout your blog, then make money either when someone views them or clicks on an ad depending on the requirement. It’s so simple!

How this couple make $8,000 a month

Obviously this method of making money blogging requires significant traffic, but perhaps not as much as you think. For example, the requirements for Mediavine are 25,000 sessions per month (these are slightly different to page views). So if you have that or more consistently on your blog, you need to apply to Mediavine today!

Remember for methods like advertisements, you not only need a decent amount of traffic, but you need it consistently. Otherwise your income will be up and down depending on how many readers you have for that month. So you need to make sure you have different means of getting traffic that work. Like I said, I’d recommend SEO as it does not require you to be on social media encouraging people onto your blog.

Also notice how Kelan and Brittany don’t solely rely on advertisements either. It’s so important to have multiple income streams as a blogger. If their advertisements went down for a day for whatever reason? They can depend on sponsored posts and affiliate marketing to continue to make them money!


Allan from The Practical Saver runs a personal finance blog, and makes $30k- $40k per month.

Can you believe this is what Allan makes working on his blog part-time?! Some people would love to make this amount working full-time!

Remember, many bloggers will make statements like “I only work 10 hours a week and earn 6 figures”. Whilst that might be true, it probably didn’t look that way in the beginning for them.

They will have had to work seriously hard when starting their blogs in order to take their foot of the gas a little in the future. I’m talking rushing home from work to spend the evening blogging till late, missing social events to work on it, etc. So yes, they probably do work 10 hours per week and earn loads. But they also probably worked 60+ hours a week before that.

Also notice how Allan makes money from sponsored posts? This is where brands and companies pay you to write a post about their product. Allan doesn’t make a lot of his income through this. But in different niches it will make up the bulk of blogger’s income, like beauty blogs that discuss make-up brands a lot.

How this single mom makes $250,000 per month


If some of these income report seem a little out of reach for you right now, this blogger will help! Melissa and her husband blog at Flea Market Flipper, and make $4,000- $5,000 per month.

Melissa Stephenson comment

As you can see, their income mostly comes from selling their own products. But even that is split into 2 different income streams- course sales and e-book sales.

What’s to learn from this? That it’s important to try different methods when it comes to making money blogging, including creating and selling different products. If Melissa and her husband had never created their course, they’d be missing out on 70% of their income!

Melissa’s blog gets around a fifth of its traffic from referral. This generally means from other websites.

If you’re working yourself into an early grave trying to post on your blog multiple times a week but it isn’t increasing your traffic, you need to be working on your referral traffic instead. You can do this by:

  • Guest posting on someone’s blog.
  • Commenting on other blogs.
  • Collaborating with other bloggers (exchanging guest posts, hosting a giveaway, etc).

Whatever it takes, make sure people are linking to your blog. You don’t know how many readers these other blogs have. One post on a blog with 100,000 readers, and even if only 10% of those readers visit your blog. That’s an extra 10,000 readers for you! Who potentially will want to buy your courses, products, etc. If not, they can at least bump your sessions up to make more money from advertisements.


Mom bloggers represent a whole new wave of boss women earning money whilst staying at home with their little ones. And here’s a woman who’s showing them how to do it- Suzi from Start a Mom Blog.

Suzi Whitford comment

Again, Suzi is showing us how you can make a living ($40k per month) selling a variety of your own products. She not only sells her own courses and e-books, but also printables and stock images.

This makes sense as it’s properly engaging her audience. They’re bloggers, so as well as being willing to pay to learn how to blog, they’re also going to be willing to pay for stuff they need for their blog, like printables and images.

If you want to be making money through selling your own products, try thinking what other products would go with your original products. For example, food bloggers might sell a recipe book. They could also sell cooking utensils you’d actually need to make the food in the book.

Suzi also mentioned she doesn’t get a lot of traffic, but when I asked for clarification she told me she get’s around 60,000 page views per month. That might seem like a lot, but when you consider that she makes $40,000 per 60,000 page views approximately, that means she has an engaged audience that’s ready to buy!


If there’s any truth in the idea of “money making” niches, it’s that personal finance sites are one of them.

R.j. Weiss from The Ways to Wealth consistently makes around $10,000 profit per month.

R.j. Weiss comment

Why is this niche so profitable? Just look at his page views- 300,000 to 350,000 per month!

No matter what your interests are, you’re probably someone who wants to make/ save extra money. This topic of mass appeal results in a massive audience.

So although there’s nothing wrong with small engaged audiences when it comes to making money, you can also do the flip side and appeal to as many people as possible and make money that way instead.


Okay so I know I said some of our other blogger’s had niche topics, but Mary Ann from Life Is Better With Tea has a really niche blog.

Mary Ann Rollano comment

With about 10,00 page views per month, Marry Ann has a much smaller audience than some of the other bloggers we’ve seen. But that’s the thing- she’s also one of the only bloggers to get the majority of her blog traffic through Google.

What does this teach us? Don’t be afraid to pick a niche topic for your blog if you love it. You can actually use it to your favour, as niche topics will have less competition on Google, making it easier for you to rank higher.

Also see how she earns her income through affiliate sales? This also shows that you can definitely make money through affiliate marketing, no matter your niche. Who’d have thought there would be affiliate programmes for tea!


If you loved the last niche blog mentioned, here’s another! Julia Kuhn provides resources and inspiration for healthcare travelers at The Traveling Traveler.

Julia Kuhn comment

Similar to Mary Ann’s tea blog, Julia has roughly the same amount of blog traffic, and makes the majority of her money through affiliate marketing. So those with super niche blogs, I think it’s time you looked into affiliate marketing!

It’s also amazing the amount of time she’s been blogging for, but is making up to 9k a month. How many businesses do you know where you can make that much in under 3 years?! If there’s anything you should take from this, it’s you should start blogging now if you’re looking to build a profitable business fast!

Julia is also a speech-language pathologist. This is not only amazing in itself, but when you realise she has taken this skill most people would leave at work and transformed it into her own business that can be taken anywhere, it’s something to seriously be proud of!

Chances are you know something someone else doesn’t. Whether you’re a psychology student, someone who sells their art, whatever. You can probably start your own blog that makes money to compliment what you already know.


If there’s one thing that worries bloggers, it’s what happens when life gets in the way and I can’t work on my blog as much. If this is you, meet Hannah McKnight Rinaldi who blogs at Eat Drink and Save Money.

Hannah McKnight Rinaldi comment

Hannah was making $2,000 per month through sponsored posts, and sometimes double that amount. But life happens. Hannah needed to spend more time with her family.

And that’s another amazing thing about blogging. Hannah has worked less, has got less blog traffic, but still makes money consistently every month. And that’s because of the quality of her work. Her photography is good, so brands and followers love it.

Keep this in mind when making money blogging. Quality is always better than quantity, and because she has a high quality blog, she has readers who are interested. And this means brands are willing to pay.

It also shows the importance of being on social media as a blogger. In fact, some people don’t even have a blog. They just rely on social media to partner with brands and make money!


Okay so a lot of people on this list have made money through affiliate marketing. But if that isn’t for you, Mariam is here to show you another way.

Mariam Tsaturyan comment

Mariam makes roughly $5,000 per month at Freelance and marketing. And all that is through freelancing.

Freelancing is perfect for bloggers, as you already have the writing skills to create good posts. So it’s simply offering websites to write for them for money! You can use your blog as a portfolio of your writing.

Mariam talks about undercharging people, and overspreading herself as a result. So make sure you know your worth and only take on clients that treat you with respect and pay you the right amount. There are plenty of other ways to make money otherwise!


I’m aware that a lot of the people in this list have been blogging for years. This might lead you to think that you can only make money blogging if your blog is well established.

Thankfully for my last example I spoke to Allison Vue. She started her blog Allison Vue last month, and is already making money from it!

Allison Vue

That’s right- Alison has made $223.26 her first month blogging. And with a relatively small audience of 3,100, I’m sure she’ll be making considerably more as her audience grows!

So don’t think that you can’t start a blog and earn money now. As Allison has shown us, you can be making money blogging straight away!

How these bloggers make $1000+ a month


This post has been quite long, but I just want to do a little sum up of how bloggers make money blogging.

  • Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money, regardless of how many readers your blog has, just as long as you know what your audience will be interested in. I actually made my first affiliate sale with less than 20 blog posts and under 1,000 page views per month!
  • Don’t be put off by the cost of a product when it comes to affiliate marketing. Sometimes it’s better to promote an expensive product and make one sale, than a cheaper product and have to make way more sales. This is especially true in niches where people are willing to spend more money with the promise they will get some back, e.g stock markets.
  • Selling your own products is one of the best ways to make money. You can also sell multiple complimenting products to increase your income further.
  • Advertisements are an easy way to make money, providing you get consistent page views. Focus on your SEO to make sure you get consistent engaged traffic. (You can read how I rank first on Google here).
  • Sponsored posts are a great way to make income, but you need to make sure your photography is good and you’re on social media for this.
  • Offering services, both online an offline, is another way to make money blogging. Your service can be blog related, or even things you have learnt through blogging.
  • As a blogger, you will be able to write. Freelancing and offering your writing skills (or other skills, such as photography) is another way to make substantial income.


  • Bloggers make money through multiple different methods, and these multiple streams of money keep their income constant and secure. Don’t be afraid to try multiple income streams until you find one that works for you!
  • You will generally make more money the more page views you get. Focus on growing your traffic, and especially on Pinterest if you blog in a visual niche.
  • But on the flip side of that, you don’t need lots of page views to make money blogging. Sometimes a smaller engaged audience is all you need.


If there’s anything to take away from this, it’s:

  • You definitely can make money blogging.
  • Making a considerable income blogging is definitely possible for you.
  • You don’t need to be well established- as soon as you start a blog you can start making money!

And if you’re reading this and know you want to start a blog but you’re not sure how, I’ve written a post that will walk you through it.

My free how to start a blog guide is over 4,000 words long and includes step by step screenshots. Don’t wait- the next person proudly sharing how much money they make from blogging could be you!

These bloggers make $1,000+ per month. Here\'s how.

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