How I get over 900 page views a day

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I’m so excited to share this post!

Here at Easy Blog Emily, I share tips and tricks to help you succeed with blogging.

So it’s really important for me to try out different methods to grow my blog, then tell you which ones work.

In my last post about how I doubled my blog traffic, I noted the different ways I increased my traffic from 4,000 sessions a month to over 9,000 sessions (and this increase was in just 30 days).

But now I’m really excited to say that I recently got my first day with over 900 page views!

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In my last post about doubling my traffic, I had 9,400 sessions for that month.

But recently I’d gotten my traffic up to around 400-500 sessions a day.

This was a big increase for me- I’d spent months feeling like I nobody was reading my blog.

These were my stats for the day before:

483 sessions isn’t bad, but even that was an increase from the day before.


Here were my stats for the next day:

You can see the sudden traffic increase in only 24 hours!


In my other post, I listed all the methods I used to grow my traffic. (I seriously recommend reading that post if you’re struggling to grow your traffic, as I mention some very detailed methods I didn’t use this time round).

These methods included the different social media methods (check out the best Facebook groups for bloggers here) and working on SEO (you can read how I get traffic from Google and rank first for certain searches here).

But in this post, there was only 1 platform I used, and one thing that happened on it.


I feel a bit like a broken record saying this, so I’m sorry if you already know.

But if you’re trying to grow your blog, you need to be using Pinterest.

Pinterest is one of the best ways to get blog traffic, no matter how new your blog is or what you blog about (I blog about a small niche of blogging, and get around 90% of my traffic from Pinterest. If you blog in a “visual” niche like beauty, food, fashion, decor, etc, you NEED to be on Pinterest!).

If you haven’t started using Pinterest yet, you can check out my free Pinterest course Easy Pinterest with Emily.

It will teach you how to go from Pinterest beginner to pro pinner in only 5 days!

So make sure to check it out if you want to start getting blog traffic using Pinterest for free, or just sign up below:


Because Pinterest has been so good at getting me blog traffic, I knew a scheduler that would share pins for me automatically would also be helpful in growing my blog.

Enter: Tailwind.

Tailwind is not only a scheduler for Pinterest, but it also:

  • Is a scheduler for Instagram
  • Gives you access to Tailwind Tribes, to help your pins reach more pinners
  • Gives you detailed analytics into your account, including the engagement of your group boards (you can find 30 group boards for all bloggers here.

I love Tailwind, and I do think it has been really important in helping me grow my Pinterest account and blog.

You can read my honest review of Tailwind here (it does have some flaws), or get a free trial and schedule 100 pins here.

But although recently I’ve been considering paying extra so I can join more tribes and get my pins to reach more pinners, I haven’t actually done that yet.

Nothing in my Tailwind routine had changed.

So my sudden traffic increase wasn’t because of Tailwind.


Yep, believe it or not, all it took was one pin to drastically increase my traffic.

Because if you look here, you can see that it was my traffic from Pinterest that increased:

And if I look at what pages were landed on, it was one post in particular that got a sudden increase of traffic:

See the bottom post has an extra 155 sessions that it didn’t have the day before?

That basically means one pin from that post suddenly had a lot more people click through to EBE!


You can actually find the exact version of a pin that has started to drive loads of traffic to your blog, by following the steps below:

  1. Go to your Google Analytics
  2. Click on Acquisition> Social> Network Referrals
  3. Click on Pinterest
  4. Click on the URL of the blog post (in this case it is /small-blogs-that-make-money/ )

Then you will be given a list of pin URLs that have driven traffic to that blog post, with the most popular one at the top!

So simply:

  • Select all that URL and copy it
  • Open a new tab
  • Paste the URL and search for it

Then the specific version of a pin that has driven the most traffic to your website will show up!

So when I did this for that post, it showed me not only what pin design it was, but also who exactly pinned it (on the right)!

And I should also add this was an old pin from an old post.

All it took was for one pinner to share it for it so start getting more attention (and drastically increase my blog traffic!).


Forget chasing blog views- all you need is one pin to get some interest, and you will get thousands of blog views every month (consistently and for free).

And this is why I created The Viral Pin Guide.

I had been on pinterest for ages, but wasn’t seeing the benefit of it for my blog.

But then all it took was one viral pin, and my traffic exploded.

I was so shocked, because it went against everything I knew!

I thought you needed all your pins to get hundreds of click throughs to get serious blog traffic from Pinterest.

But all it takes is one viral pin.

It happened for me before, and drastically increased my blog traffic overnight.

And now you can see the benefit it’s had on my traffic when it’s happened again!

Now, over half of my blog traffic comes from just one viral pin that went viral months ago. And I get blog traffic and new subscribers daily… Without me having to actually do anything!

So don’t think you need hundreds of popular pins to get traffic from Pinterest.

It just takes one pin.


I really hope this post has shown you how getting blog traffic with Pinterest doesn’t actually have to be that complicated!

If you want to start getting serious results from Pinterest:

  • If you’re on Pinterest but need to take it to the next level and start getting viral pins, be sure to check out The Viral Pin Guide now!

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    1. Jess- I think Pinterest can seriously benefit most bloggers! ESPECIALLY if you’re in a “visual” niche like beauty, food, fashion, travel, etc.
      I’m glad you are getting results 🙂

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