30 Pinterest group boards for all niches

Pinterest group boards can be amazing for getting blog traffic.

How? Well if you’re a blogger with around 400 followers, but you’re part of a group board that has 800 followers.

Every time you pin an image to the group board, you are putting your image in front of double the people!

Whilst I love Pinterest group boards, it can be very time consuming finding the right boards for your blog niche and applying to them.

This post is here to help you save time.

Here is a list of 30 Pinterest group boards any blogger can apply for!

30 Pinterest group boards for all bloggers


I really do think group boards are beneficial to bloggers.

BUT, there are definitely “good” group boards and “bad” ones.

Below I’ve made a list of 30 boards for any niche.

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Just click on the name of the group board to be taken to that board on Pinterest and follow the instructions to apply.

  1. A Bloggers Group Board
  2. Anything Group Board
  3. ***Bloggers ‘Post it’ Board***
  4. **Bloggers SHARE Your Blog Posts**
  5. + Blog Boosting Community
  6. Best Of: Bloggers Group Board
  7. Bloggers Share Board
  8. Blog Share Board!
  9. Blog Sharing Board
  10. Blogger Round-Up
  11. Bloggers Sprinkling Joy Group Board
  12. Bloggers Unite- Let’s help each other
  13. Blogging Business Babes | Group Board
  14. Blogs of Pinterest
  15. Everyone’s Blogging
  16. Great Bloggers
  17. Group Board (Open)
  18. Group Board for Bloggers
  19. Life, Biz & Blogging • Group Board
  20. MidLife Smarts BLOG Share
  21. Millennial Life (Group Board)
  22. POST YOUR BLOG! – The Oily Analyst
  23. POST YOUR BLOG! Bloggers promote here
  24. Share The Love
  25. Share your blog!
  28. Top Blogs – Pinterest Viral Board
  29. Top Bloggers (Group Board)

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30 Pinterest group boards any blogger can join

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30 Pinterest group boards any blogger can join

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Now start applying to group boards and getting more Pinterest followers!

9 thoughts on “30 Pinterest group boards for all niches”

  1. Great List Emily.
    I’ve been only doing SEO as it was working for me.
    Now I’ll also start Pinterest and double my overall traffic.
    Thank You so much for this extensive list.
    Really helps ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey! Thank you for your kind words. I was late to the SEO game, but have always focused on Pinterest and have found it so helpful. Congrats on doubling your traffic by the way! ๐Ÿ™‚

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