Make your Pinterest look AMAZING in 10 easy steps

Want to make your Pinterest look professional?

The people with lots of Pinterest followers have them for a reason.

It’s not just that the content they pin is good. Not even that they’ve found a Pinterest strategy that works. It’s because they’ve made their Pinterest look professional. This means when somebody ends up on their profile, they are convinced they are looking at the profile of someone who knows what they’re talking about. And this professionalism is what makes people follow them.

Below I’ve made a list of all the things you should do to make your Pinterest look professional, so you can get more followers and blog traffic.

How to make your Pinterest look professional


1. Claim your website and convert your account to a business account

Okay so this one doesn’t really make your Pinterest look professional to others, but it will make a massive difference to you. If you have a blog, claiming it on Pinterest will mean that a link to your website will appear at the top of your profile description. This makes it easy for people to access your website through Pinterest. It also makes your profile look more professional as it shows people you have your own website.

If you convert to a business account, although it won’t make much difference to the look of your profile, you will have access to statistics on how your pins are performing. This will allow you to see if you are using Pinterest to correctly engage your audience and provide specific insights you otherwise wouldn’t have known.

2. Change your business name

I noticed when I started to follow the people I was aspiring to be like in my blogging niche that the names that appeared on their profiles where very similar. They all had “their name – their blog/ business topic”.

This shows who you are, what your business/blog name is and then key things you write about. These are also keywords, so if people search for these things your profile is more likely to come up.

To change your Business name, log into Pinterest and go to settings.

How to make your Pinterest profile look more professional. Pinterest, settings.

Then scroll until you find the ‘Profile’ section. You can change your business name there.

This section includes a lot of the other information we need to add/ change in order to make your Pinterest look professional, so be prepared to come back to this/stay there momentarily.

3. Use a good profile picture

Using a good profile picture is absolutely key when making your Pinterest look professional.

Just imagine going on someones profile who’s supposed to be an expert and seeing their profile picture is a grainy selfie that’s hard to make out?

Make sure to use a clear, bright photograph of yourself. Try to look happy(ish) in your photo so you look approachable- remember this is practically your only chance to introduce yourself to your target audience. They can’t see what you’re like in actual person, so make this picture count! This is also another chance to enhance your branding, so if you use a theme colour then perhaps try and include that somehow in your image.

(Reading through my points, I’ve realised that actually my profile picture probably isn’t the best. However it’s not awful and it’s bright and clear, so it’ll do for now!)

I recommend using the same picture from your blog and/or other social media platforms. This creates a continuation across your brand of ‘you’, and people can start to become familiar with you. As you can see below, I have used the same picture for both my Pinterest profile and the ‘About’ section in the sidebar widget of my blog.

How to make your Pinterest profile look more professional. Photo continuation across Pinterest and blog

Of course you can make it your logo if you wish. I do recommend this if there is a creative team behind your blog and your logo is strong. However I find it easier to connect and take interest in a Pinterest profile when I’m reminded that it’s an actual person working behind it. Plus lots of people have their name as their business name. So people are going to want to put a name to a face!

You can change your profile picture in the same section you edit your business name (Settings, profile).

4. Write a good ‘about you’ section

All the people who are doing well on Pinterest have a clear profile that tells you exactly what they do when someone sees it. The best way to do this is to make good use of the ‘about you’ section. Below is my about section.

If you were to end up on my Pinterest profile, you will (hopefully) know straight away what I write about on my blog. I have used keywords so if you were to search for these words, my profile would be more likely to come up.

Again if you go to the ‘profile’ section in settings you can edit the ‘about you’ section to best describe your blog/ you!

Use keywords in your bio

5. Use “Featured Boards”

This is a feature that showcases some of your Pinterest boards. This allows people who visit your profile to straight away see some of the boards you have to offer. As it’s on an automatic reel, they don’t even have to click through!

You can turn this option on by going to Pinterest settings in the top right hand corner, and then scrolling until you find the “featured boards” section.

6. Apply for Rich pins

Rich pins are pins that have your website name and site icon underneath the image. They’re good because they provide a direct link to your profile. Below are example of Rich pins vs not Rich pins. The ones in the red boxes are Rich pins, and you can see they provide just that little bit more information before someone even clicks on it.

How to make your Pinterest profile look more professional. Rich pin example.

Okay so I’ll be honest- I didn’t even realise I didn’t have rich pins until I wrote this post! When I was checking my stats I looked and for all my pins there was nothing under ‘pin type’.

How to make your Pinterest profile look more professional. Pin type.

However I know from experience (I used to have another blog) that if they are rich pins, an R will appear under this column.

You can check out this tutorial on how to apply for rich pins if you haven’t already. Having rich pins will definitely make your Pinterest look more professional.

7. Use good pin descriptions

So I know asking you to change all the descriptions of the images you repin is a big ask. HOWEVER, if you’re repinning images with descriptions like ‘Omg wow 00898802″ or something similar, it’s going to make your profile look less professional and people are less likely to repin what you pin.

Plus this is an extra chance to work on your branding. You can set a really clear tone of voice for your brand if you change the descriptions to how you and/or your brand would talk/ write.

So you don’t have to change every single description for the images you repin. Just make sure you’re not repinning images if the descriptions look like spam without changing them first. Even though Pinterest is a visual place, words are just as important!

To change a pin description before you repin it, click the little edit pencil at the bottom of the image and write a different description in the space provided.

8. Use cover images for your boards

Having cover images for your Pinterest board makes your profile look neater and more professional. Not only that but it’s a chance to make your branding stronger. By using your theme colours and fonts that you use on your website, it can make your brand more well known across different platforms.

You can check out this post here for how to add cover images to your boards. 

9. Be part of group boards

This one might surprise you, but personally I am more likely to follow someone if they’re part of group boards.

Why? Because it shows that they are an established in the niches they are in the group boards of. They are professional enough to have been accepted to these boards, contribute quality pins and follow rules.

When you apply for group boards you have to be accepted by whoever owns that group board. So it shows that your profile is to a certain standard if you are accepted.

Check out this post for a list 30 Pinterest group boards ANY blogger can join.

10. Get more followers

I don’t know about you, but when I see someone who has a lot of Pinterest followers (I’m talking thousands), I immediately think that person must be professional in whatever they are interested in. Because why else would all these people be following them?!

Check out how to get your first 1,000 Pinterest followers. and this post on how to use keywords to get more Pinterest followers will also help. Keywords are an excellent way to get more followers that many Pinterest users are not even aware of!

I hope now you know how to make your Pinterest look professional.

If it has, please share it!

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Make your Pinterest look AMAZING in 10 easy steps

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