How to create and upload Pinterest boards FAST!

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Whether you’re using Pinterest to get traffic to your blog, or you just want an aesthetic Pinterest account, something that will make your account look amazing are Pinterest board covers.

But firstly… What even are Pinterest board covers?


You know how on Pinterest, you usually have a board on a certain topic?

And then you save a pin on that topic into that board?

It’s a bit like your pins as being sheets of revision notes, and the Pinterest boards being file organisers.

You group your revision notes together by topic, and then keep those notes safe in different file organisers.

Well, the board covers are basically you decorating your file organisers.

A Pinterest board cover is a pin you have saved into the board, and have chosen to display it on the front of your board.

This means when pinners see the board on Pinterest, they will see the board cover you have selected.


A good Pinterest board cover should have;

  • The board name
  • Visuals related to you and your niche. This can be a photograph, or colours and fonts you use on your blog.

This gives profile visitors a sense of what your blog is all about. 

Here is an example of my Pinterest board covers (you can see them on Pinterest there) or see a few examples of them below):

Pinterest board covers on my Pinterest account

I have purposely designed them so you can clearly see what the topic of each board is from the board cover.

So now, when someone visits my Pinterest profile, it is very clear what each Pinterest board is about.

And they know what topics I cover on my blog!

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Okay so technically your boards don’t need cover images.

Your Pinterest account will function just fine without them.

However, adding Pinterest board covers:

Think of visiting your profile as a potential follower/ your target audience.

Are you more likely to follow someone who has a strong brand identity and an aesthetic Pinterest account?

(The answer is yes!).

So, if you’re a blogger, more followers means more eyes on your pins, which could potentially mean more page views for your blog.

Plus, when you consider:

  • Pinterest board covers are free to add
  • And cover images take almost no time at all to create and upload (like, less than 10 minutes)

Then it’s really hard to think of a reason not to.

Read on to be shown how to create and upload Pinterest board covers!


I’m going to be showing you how to make Pinterest board covers using Canva.

This is because Canva is free to use, and I find it really easy and intuitive (so you don’t have to be a graphic designer to make good cover images).

Hopefully if you’ve followed my tutorial on how to create a logo for free, you’ve already got an account with Canva and are slightly familiar with it.

But if not, don’t worry!

Just sign up for a free Canva account here, then come back and continue reading.

Once you have an account:

Log in to Canva, and on the homepage, click:

1. Create a design

2. Custom size

Select “Create a design” at the top right, and then click the “+ Custom size” button in the drop down menu


Your Pinterest board cover needs to be square; the best size for a Pinterest board cover in 2021 is 600 px by 600 px.

(Trust me, I tried a few which took forever! But I found 600 by 600 was the best size and other sizes were blurry).

Yes, this is against the typical Pinterest best practices of uploading pins that are a 2:3 ratio.

BUT, square cover board images work the best, because they require no adjusting.

And this particular pin does not need to be optimized for Pinterest SEO (we are just using it as a cover image for the board).

So enter 600 and 600, and click “Create new design”:

Create new design In Canva
Enter 600 by 600 into the two boxes. Keep the sizing in pixels, and click the purple “Create new design” button.

Then, you need to create your Pinterest cover board design!


I’ve created quite a few Pinterest board covers as part of my Pinterest management services.

Here are some of my best tips for creating a good board cover template.

  1. Use a photograph as the background. This helps to keep your board cover interesting, and you can use a photograph that’s relevant to your brand! E.g if you’re a food blogger, use a photograph of one of your recipes and the background.
  2. Put a colour overlay on top on your photograph background. This isn’t necessary, but I find it helps make sure the background isn’t too distracting from the text (and you can use a colour that is relevant to your branding).
  3. Put a white element on top of your image. This will help to make sure the text we put on the cover board image will be easy to read. I usually pick a white circle, or square.
  4. Add bold, simple font. Make sure you use bold, legible font; script font can sometimes be difficult to read on mobile.
  5. Make sure it looks good on mobile. The majority of Pinterest users are visiting Pinterest on the app, so make sure your cover board looks good on a small screen on mobile (ideally, on desktop too! But prioritize mobile).

Using these tips, you should be able to make a Pinterest cover image similar to this:

Pinterest board cover template example

The you can use this as a cover template for each of your boards; simply change the text to the name of each board you are uploading the cover to (keep it simple and easy to read).


Before you upload your board cover to Pinterest:

  1. Name each image the text on the image/ the name of the board the cover is being added to. Don’t call it “image_2356.PNG” or anything like that; it’s best to call it something relevant to the image, and the board it is going to be saved to.
  2. Download the image from Canva as a PNG. When downloading images for my blog, I like to keep the images as small as possible for SEO purposes, so I usually download them as JPEGs. But in this instance, the images are being uploaded straight to Pinterest, so we do not need to worry about file size.

Then click “Download”.

Name your Pinterest board cover and download as PNG.jpg


Go to Pinterest on desktop, and at the top left, click Create > Create Pin.


  1. Upload your cover image.
  2. Give the pin a title, link, and description. I tend to call it the name of the board, write a short sentence on what the board is about, and then either link to the board itself, or if I have a relevant category page on site. You can also put alt text for the pin as well.
  3. Select the board you want the image to be a cover for.
  4. Hit Publish.
Upload your board cover image to Pinterest

Now, the pin will be saved into that board.

We just have to set it as the cover image for that board!


If you have created a new board for this, or you have never set a board cover, the cover will be empty.

Or, you might have set a cover image for your board previously.

To change it:

  • Click on the board you want to add a cover image for
  • Click the 3 dots at the top, next to the board name
  • Then click Edit board
Change cover board image - click 3 dots and Edit board

Click the + button under Board Cover heading:

Pinterest board covers - Click Board Cover

Select your board cover:

Pinterest board covers - Select your board cover

Then scale and crop your image (it shouldn’t need any change, if you have uploaded a square board cover).

Then click Done:

Pinterest board covers - Click Done

And done again.

And then it will be set as your board cover!

Pinterest board cover set for board

Now just repeat this for your other boards, and then all your Pinterest boards will have cover images!


I hope this post has shown you how to make and upload board cover images for your Pinterest boards.

It is really easy, and takes hardly any time at all to do!

Remember to sign up for my free Pinterest course:

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How to add Pinterest board covers (step by step)

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How to create and upload Pinterest boards FAST!

8 thoughts on “How to create and upload Pinterest boards FAST!”

    1. Hey Silvia!
      How have you created the image? I find when I create my pins using Canva, they are blurry if I save them as JPEG instead of a PNG.

  1. Hi- I love this idea for my Pinterest Business page but when I click on the plus button, I only get Create Pin and Create Ad?? Help??
    Thank you,

    1. Hey Sandra!
      You can add a new board by visiting the board section of your profile when you are on Pinterest on a laptop or computer, and then clicking the “create board” button. You then need to upload the cover image as a pin and save it to that board, then go into the board and change the cover to that pin.
      Hope this helps 🙂

      1. Hi Emily! Do you use that cover image for anything? I followed the steps you listed above, but now that image is just kinda like an empty pin. People have viewed it but it’s just my cover. Any ideas for how to use this image for something other than a cover board?

        1. Hey Cheryl! And no I don’t use it for anything, I just save it for the purpose of being a cover image! And people will only really view it when you first pin it, after a while they will just look at the other pins in the board instead 🙂

    1. Hey Meg- I’m pretty sure the feature is still available. Make sure you are doing it on a laptop or computer!

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