How to make Pinterest boards and add covers

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Need to make Pinterest cover boards?

But firstly… What even are Pinterest boards for?


Most of the time, pinners will find your Pinterest profile through an individual pin you have saved. Then if they liked the pin, they will click through to look at your profile.

Pinterest boards are basically a way to keep your Pinterest profile organised.

Think of your pins as being sheets of revision notes, and the boards being file organisers. You group your revision notes together by class topic, and then keep those notes safe in different file organisers.

And that’s exactly what Pinterest boards are!

They are a way to organise your pins based on different topics. You can check out my boards here, or see a few examples of them below:

Pinterest board examples

So now when someone visits my Pinterest profile, they know I’m interested in Branding Tips, Getting Blog Traffic, Blogging Tips and more (all stuff I talk about on the blog).

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Okay so technically your boards don’t need cover images. Your Pinterest account will function just fine without them. However adding Pinterest board covers:

Think of visiting your profile as a potential follower/ your target audience. Are you more likely to follow someone who has a strong brand identity and a neat professional looking account?

And if you’re a blogger, more followers means more eyes on your pins, which could potentially mean more page views for your blog!

(If you don’t have a blog, you need one! I actually make a part-time income from my blog- you can read my income report where I made $439 blogging in 1 month here. So if you haven’t already, you can have a blog up and running within an hour for less than $4 per month with my ultimate how to start a blog guide.)

Plus when you consider adding cover images is free to do and takes almost no time at all, then it’s really hard to think of a reason not to.

Read on to be shown how to create a Pinterest board, and add Pinterest board covers!


Below is a step by step for creating a Pinterest board.

  1. On your profile, click on the boards section. Then click on the button “+ Create board”.

Create a board

Then you need to name your board. Make it a topic or something you know you will be pinning about (There are suggestions in the box).

You might also want to make the selection to keep it secret, until you have some pins in there. People won’t want to follow your boards if they’re empty!

Then press “Create”.

Name board, make secret, Press Create

And now you will have a new board made ready to pin to!

Now, onto creating board covers.


To make our Pinterest board covers, we’re going to be using Canva. This is because Canva is free and really easy to use.

Hopefully if you’ve followed my tutorial on how to create a logo for free, you’ve already got an account with Canva and are slightly familiar with it. If not don’t worry. Just sign up with Canva then continue reading- it’s really easy to use and will benefit you in your blogging future!

Once you have an account:

Log in to Canva. Click on “Use custom dimensions”.

How to create cover images for Pinterest boards.

Then enter 600 by 600, as these are the best dimensions for the Pinterest board covers. (Trust me, I tried a few which took forever, but I found 600 by 600 was the best size and other sizes were blurry). Click “Design”.

Then experiment with different layouts and images until you have a nice cover board image.

I used a white background and then my theme colours of black and purple when I did this. I tried using a different colour for the background, but I found the colours changed when looking at them on my laptop vs on my phone, so I just stuck with a clean white background.

Pinterest cover board design

Make sure to name it something like ‘Pinterest cover image ___’ then the text on the cover image.

Download Pinterest board cover

Then click “Download”.

Download Pinterest cover board

Go to Pinterest, click on the plus button then “Upload Image”.

How to create a cover image for Pinterest boards. Upload image to Pinterest

Then upload your image and click “Continue”.

How to create a cover image for Pinterest boards.

Write some keywords into the description, then pin it to the board you want it to the cover for.

Pinterest cover boards

Then go to your profile and click on boards. Hover over the board it’s in, then a little pencil will come up at the bottom right. Click the little pencil.

How to create Pinterest cover board

Then next to cover, click “Change”.

How to create a cover image for Pinterest boards.

Use the arrows to select the image you want. Then click “Save changes”.

How to create a cover image for Pinterest boards.

Once you click save, it’ll look like this.

Pinterest cover boards

Now if you repeat this for other boards, you will start to have a strong professional looking Pinterest page.


1. If it’s loading like this:

 Pinterest board covers

It doesn’t actually matter- providing your image is the right size to be a cover image, even if the selection is rectangular it should still use the whole image (this is what happened for me anyway).

However, it may be because you’ve tried to change the cover photo whilst clicked on the actual board. Go to your profile where all your boards are and click on the little pencil there rather than clicking on the board first, and it might load square (but it shouldn’t matter if it doesn’t!).

2.  If the little arrows next to it don’t come up for you to go through and select what image you want, it’s because you’ve only got one image pinned into that board, meaning you only have one image to choose from.

However I found when I was trying to select a cover image, the selection tool was quite glitchy and kept jumping to a certain image. This might have changed since Pinterest has been updated, but it’s worth keeping in mind and uploading the image you want to be the cover and using it before you pin anything else to that board.

These are the only problems I encountered when trying to add Pinterest board covers, but please let me know if you have any issues or questions and I’d be happy to help.


Now you’ve got well presented Pinterest boards, you need to make sure you’re creating beautiful Pinterest graphics that get repins. There’s no point having nice looking Pinterest boards if you’re not pinning nice images to them!

You can learn how to design beautiful Pinterest graphics in this post on design tips for getting repins.

And if you want to because a pro pinner today, be sure to sign up for my free Pinterest course now:

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How to add Pinterest board covers (step by step)

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How to make Pinterest boards and add covers

8 thoughts on “How to make Pinterest boards and add covers”

    1. Hey Silvia!
      How have you created the image? I find when I create my pins using Canva, they are blurry if I save them as JPEG instead of a PNG.

  1. Hi- I love this idea for my Pinterest Business page but when I click on the plus button, I only get Create Pin and Create Ad?? Help??
    Thank you,

    1. Hey Sandra!
      You can add a new board by visiting the board section of your profile when you are on Pinterest on a laptop or computer, and then clicking the “create board” button. You then need to upload the cover image as a pin and save it to that board, then go into the board and change the cover to that pin.
      Hope this helps 🙂

      1. Hi Emily! Do you use that cover image for anything? I followed the steps you listed above, but now that image is just kinda like an empty pin. People have viewed it but it’s just my cover. Any ideas for how to use this image for something other than a cover board?

        1. Hey Cheryl! And no I don’t use it for anything, I just save it for the purpose of being a cover image! And people will only really view it when you first pin it, after a while they will just look at the other pins in the board instead 🙂

    1. Hey Meg- I’m pretty sure the feature is still available. Make sure you are doing it on a laptop or computer!

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