How to get your first 1000 Pinterest followers


Want to know how to get followers on Pinterest?

Who doesn’t!


Having more Pinterest followers is great because it can help you to get more people to your blog. For example, you have 600 followers. Whenever you pin something, you’re putting it in front of 600 people. And if it’s a link to your blog, that’s a chance of 600 people visiting it!

And even if you don’t have a blog, getting more Pinterest followers is good because you can earn money using Pinterest. Just through pinning!

HOW MANY PINTEREST FOLLOWERS DO I HAVE? How to get your first 1,000 Pinterest followers

I recently hit my first 1,000 Pinterest followers!

Number of Pinterest followers

It was quite a milestone for me because my Pinterest account is an extension of my blog. It meant people were interested in what I had to offer.

I found that it was really hard in the beginning to get followers (I started my Pinterest account with 0 followers). But once I got the ball rolling, I started to get followers regularly. Recently I got almost 60 followers in a week, which I’m very pleased with!

How to get more followers on Pinterest

Bizarrely, I’ve reached the point now that I get followers even if I don’t pin anything for a day or so. Which means my pins must have gone far enough that people are finding me on their own, which is a definite win!


This post is a list of all the little tips and tricks I learnt to get my first 1000 Pinterest followers. It took me around 11 months, maybe slightly less. But hopefully after reading this post, you will know how to get followers on Pinterest a lot sooner than I did!


Advanced Pinterest users, bare with me. But even if you’re a Pinterest pro, these tips might help you.

Because before you even start pinning, you’ve got to make sure your account is set up right. Otherwise you won’t get more Pinterest followers.

If you want to know how to get followers on Pinterest, below are the steps you need to take before you start pinning:

STEP 1: Turn your personal account into a business account

If you have a blog or website, turning your account into a business account will give you analytics that you wouldn’t have with a personal account.

How will this help you get more followers?

Because it helps you keep track of your account and see what pins and boards are doing well. So you can work out where you need to make changes to get your pins shared more, and more followers!

In particular the “people you reach” section is really important, as the higher this is the more people are seeing your pins, meaning the more likely people are to follow you!

STEP 2: Link to your website or blog

When you convert your Pinterest account to a business account, it will allow you to add your blog or website to your profile.

Claim website

This will help you to get more followers, because it will make your account look more professional.

I personally am more likely to follow someone with a website on their account than not. It shows me they have something to offer more than just re-pinning other people’s content. And I’m sure you are more likely to as well!

STEP 3: Get rich pins

Rich pins are better than normal pins, because they provide a little bit extra info. Here’s an example below.

How to get rich pins. Example of a Rich pin.

You can see rich pins show the person who pinned it, and the board it was pinned to.

So why does this how does this help get Pinterest followers?

It shows your profile and your boards just that little bit more than if you didn’t have them. The more people see your profile, the more likely they are to end up on it (and follow you).

If you haven’t got rich pins already, you can check out my full tutorial on how to get rich pins here.

STEP 4: Use a good profile picture

Whilst we’re on the topic of profiles, you need to make sure your profile picture is a good one.

What do I mean by this?

A high quality image where the person can actually see it’s you, preferably smiling.

Pinterest profile picture

You can see mine is good quality, I look happy(ish), and it’s the same image I use across my social media and blog.

Think about it- are you more likely to follow someone who seems happy and welcoming (and that’s clear to see)? Or if it looks like they took a selfie in the dark 2 minutes ago?

And no, you don’t need to use a photograph of you. Especially if your Pinterest is a part of a brand you own (and that brand isn’t you). But remember, it’s easier for people to remember a face and connect with a profile if they know the person behind it better. And that’s you! So use your best photograph of you if you want more followers.

Pro Tip: Remember the majority of Pinterest users are female, so if you’re a male you might want to use a photograph with a female e.g partner and kids if you want to better engage the gals on Pinterest. But it’s not a necessity by any means!

STEP 5: Use keywords EVERYWHERE

Okay so not literally everywhere. But if you want to know how to get followers on Pinterest, the word you need is SEO.

Pinterest isn’t just a social media platform. It’s also a search engine. So you can optimise your pins and profile to make sure they rank higher when somebody searches a certain word. And the further up you and your pins are when somebody searches something, the more likely they are to find your account and follow you!

You need to be using keywords in:

  • Your profile/ business name. Include your most important keywords here, as you only have a few.
  • Your Bio. You get a sentence or two to write , so make sure to include at least four keywords, separated by comas.
  • Your pin descriptions. You get plenty of room to write pin descriptions, so make them count! Write at least two sentences full of keywords, followed by just keywords separated by commas.

You can read more about how to use keywords to get more followers in this post.

STEP 6: Join group boards

If you’ve got 500 followers, that means every time you pin something to your board, up to 500 people see it.

But here’s where group boards come in.

Group boards tend to have more followers than individual boards because:

  • The group board owner tends to make the group board by “opening up” one of their personal boards, so it will already have a certain amount of followers
  • Every time somebody joins the group board, the board is found on their profile.

They’re great for getting more followers because:

  1. If you’re in a group board but someone follows the profile of somebody else in the group board, the group board will also be followed. This means they will effectively be following some of what you pin too, meaning they are more likely to find your profile and follow you.
  2. When you’re in a group board, both the followers and the contributors are able to re-pin pins. So that’s more people re-pinning your images, hopefully finding your profile, and following you!

You can see now why you need to be in group boards. If you’re looking for some to join, check out my list of 30 Pinterest group boards for all niches.


So now we’ve set up our profile and joined boards, it’s time to start pinning! But if you want to know how to get followers on Pinterest, what you pin is just as important.

STEP 1: Make sure your pins look good

Nobody wants to follow someone who has rubbish pins! That’s regardless of whether you’re pinning your own stuff or re-pinning other content. Pinning images that are high quality and are designed to do well on Pinterest is the best tip on how to get followers on Pinterest.

If you’re not sure “the design secret” is for pins that do well on Pinterest, be sure to check out my Pinterest design tips.

STEP 2: Pin about “general” topics

This might sound strange but is kind of obvious. But one of the easiest tips I can give on how to get followers on Pinterest is to pin about more topics.

It does make sense- if you only pin about how to make felt dinosaurs, you’re only going to get people following you who are interested in felt dinosaurs.

Which is fine, and especially good if you want a really focused, engaged group of followers that you know what they’re after.

But it won’t be as big a following if you were to pin just about felting. Because more people will be interested in just felting than specifically felt dinosaurs.

Don’t feel the need to pin about everything however.

I don’t pin stuff like beauty tips, or recipes on my Pinterest account, because I only want people following me who are going to be visiting my blog. And my blog isn’t about beauty or food, so there’s no point to me in having them follow me. And I’m still managing to grow my following!

STEP 3: Pin stuff people actually want

There’s no point in pinning an imaging saying “my favourite spot clearing products”, because people who haven’t followed you yet won’t know who you are. So they won’t care what your favourite spot clearing products are.

But, if you pin something like “How I cleared my acne” and use a before and after photo, there are tonnes of people with acne who are looking for solutions to clearing it.

Do you see the difference? It’s so important to think about why people are on Pinterest. What solutions they are looking for. And by solving those solutions, you’re more likely to get followers.

STEP 4: Pin your images to group boards

What’s the point in pinning other people’s images in the group boards your in? You’re just giving them more exposure when that could be your pins more people are seeing!

Pin your images to the group boards in order to spread your pins as far as possible. The further they go, the more likely it is people will discover your profile. And the more followers you will get!

STEP 5: Pin to your own boards regularly

One of the biggest mistakes I made was neglecting the followers I had already acquired.

By that I mean only re-pinning content from group boards to my own individual boards. They’d followed me for my content, and I was only putting other people’s images in front of them!

Now I pin images from group boards to my own boards to keep it varied, but regularly pin my own images to my own boards too.

So if you want more Pinterest followers, make sure to pin your own graphics to your own boards too. This means the people following your individual boards are more likely to re-pin them for their followers to see… and they could eventually become your followers too!

STEP 6: Be consistent and patient

Lastly, the main thing you need to know if you want to know how to get followers on Pinterest is to be consistent and patient.

By consistency, I mean pining regularly. I’m awful for “taking holidays” from Pinterest and not pinning for a few days.

Even though I still get a few followers in during my Pinterest holidays, I’m pretty sure Pinterest isn’t too happy with me when I do this. Or my followers when they hear nothing from me, then I overload them with 50 pins in an hour! So no doubt I might have even more followers by now if I was more consistent.

And remember to be patient when it comes to getting social media followers on any platform. Unless you’ve gone viral, it’s normal to build a following slowly and steadily. So don’t panic!


Here’s a little action plan of how to get followers on Pinterest that you need to follow to start seeing results getting followers:

  1. Set up your Pinterest profile for success. Convert to a business account, claim your website and apply for rich pins. Use a high quality profile picture. SEO optimise your name, bio and pin descriptions by using keywords. Then apply for group boards.
  2. Get a good pinning strategy. Make sure your pins look good and pin images that are to do with a number of topics. Pin stuff people actually want, like freebies. Pin your stuff to group boards for more exposure, but pin your own content to your individual boards regularly too. Then be consistent, pin regularly and give yourself time!

And as a final tip, set yourself a goal for gaining followers. For example, “I will get an extra 200 followers within a month”.

But make it realistic so you can achieve it. I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally achieve a mini goal you set yourself!


How to get more Pinterest followers

Now go and start getting followers!

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    1. You’re welcome John! I’m glad you find it helpful.
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