How this girl makes $500+ A MONTH on Pinterest

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Making extra money can be tough.

Especially when there are so many fake “get rich quick” schemes floating about the internet (which, quite frankly, are a load of $%*!)

BUT, whilst I can’t promise you will get rich from this, I recently found out about affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

Now, this is NOT a way to get rich… But it IS a way to:

  1. Make some money quickly.
  2. Make it easily.

Because it requires no experience, and all you need is a Pinterest account.

Plus, you’ll be surprised by how much you can actually make.

My bloggy friend Dale (who is the person that’s going to tell you all about making money on Pinterest) actually makes over $500 a month… Just pinning on Pinterest!

And she’s put all her best tricks into a new ebook that will teach you exactly how she makes this money on Pinterest every month.

Plus, not only is the ebook really inexpensive… But I also have an exclusive discount code for my readers!

So if you enjoy this post and realise you really want to master affiliate marketing on Pinterest, you can use the code EBE20 to get 20% off the full price here

(It also works for all her other guides, if you like the look of them too!).

Otherwise, here’s how to get paid to pin!

How to make money pinning with affiliate links


How this blogger makes $1000 a month on Pinterest

1. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Where you’re from, what your interests are, etc.


My name is Dale and I run Blogging Her Way, where I share actionable tips and strategies about blogging, social media, and business.

I am from New York, but I have lived in Paris as well!

I love to travel. When I am not working on my blog, you can find me planning my next trip.

2. Tell us about blogging- what you did before, and why you started your blog?

I started my blog about seven months ago, but before that, I had been wanting to blog for a couple years!

I was actually inspired to start blogging by a travel blogger I followed. When I discovered that blogging was her full-time job and that it was possible to earn an income from blogging, it made me even more excited to try it out for myself!

I had multiple failed blogging attempts (including my own short-lived travel blog) before I finally started this one.

I started my blog because I realized I was more interested in the nuts and bolts of blogging itself rather than writing about a specific topic like travel.

3. What gave you the idea to monetize your blog? And how did you stay motivated putting in all the work not knowing you’d necessarily make money?

I knew from the start that I wanted to monetize my blog.

I had spent a great deal of time researching strategies and studying what other successful bloggers were doing, so I felt prepared for the challenge.

In the beginning, it was hard to stay motivated at times. But I just had to remind myself that blogging is a marathon, not a sprint!

One thing I firmly believe is that anyone can make money blogging as long as they build a strong foundation first.

It does take time, but if you have solid content and an effective marketing strategy in place, the money will come eventually.

4. What was your first real break through for you? Your “YES! My hard-work has paid off!” kind of moment?

For me, my major blogging breakthrough was making my first affiliate sale!

I was so shocked to see that email notification letting me know I had made a sale! That was the moment where I realized that yes, it IS possible to make money from this whole blogging thing and it gave me the motivation to continue.

I think a lot of bloggers give up too soon because they aren’t making money from their blog as fast as they’d like.

I started making a small amount of money about one month into blogging, but it was only because I had spent the past few months doing intense research before launching my blog.

It may take a while for that first major break through to come, but once it does, it’s an amazing feeling to know that all of your effort paid off.

5. What inspired you to write your e-book? Could you tell us a bit more about it?

My e-book Get Paid to Pin shares my exact strategy for making affiliate sales on Pinterest.

I was very interested in affiliate marketing on my blog from the start, and I knew it was one of the monetization strategies I wanted to focus on.

However, I soon realized that Pinterest was also an amazing channel for promoting affiliate links.

I started making hundreds of dollars a month from affiliate sales on Pinterest and decided to write Get Paid to Pin to answer the questions about how I did it.

The incredible thing about Pinterest is that its user base is a major “buying” audience. Pinterest has stated that:

  • 92% of their users use Pinterest to plan for purchases
  • While over 50% of users have bought something they’ve seen on Pinterest.

So there’s a huge opportunity for leveraging the platform to promote products you’re an affiliate for and earn some extra money that way.

Get Paid to Pin is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

You don’t even need to be a blogger, you really just need a Pinterest account!

6. As a student, how are you juggling your studies with blogging? How do you manage your time effectively?

It can definitely be a challenge to balance blogging with being a college student!

I have to admit, there are more times than I can count where I have been trying to study and suddenly find myself pinning things on my blog’s Pinterest account or mentally drafting a new blog post!

Here are the top three ways that I maintain a balance:

  1. Batching blogging tasks like writing blog posts, scheduling social media posts, designing graphics, etc. so I can get ahead and not have to worry about creating content throughout the week when I am busy with school.
  2. Using a separate planner for my blog. I actually have a paper planner that I use for school/personal, but I use an online planner for my blog. The reason I use a separate planner is because my blog is also my business. There’s a lot of important info to keep track of! I like to jot down blog post ideas, schedule blog posts, email newsletters, etc. and track things like my blogging income and goals.
  3. Setting aside dedicated time during the week to work on my blog. If I am trying to study or pay attention in class and I have the sudden urge to do something blog-related, I’ll make a quick note about it and save it for later. Then I’ll revisit it during my dedicated blogging time during the week. This helps me separate school and blogging and be more productive and focused in both areas!

7. What are your hopes for your blogging future? Any new product releases coming soon?

I am hoping that my blog will continue to grow and reach a larger audience in the future!

My ultimate goal is to make blogging into my full-time job. But I expect that will take a few more years!

Right now, I am still very much a newbie blogger, so I guess I’ll see where things take me.

I do have a new product coming soon, which is an evergreen sales sequence template for email!

Recently I have been getting more into email marketing. I have created a sales sequence that converts email subscribers into customers of my ebook and products I am an affiliate for. I’m hoping the template will help simplify email marketing for bloggers, because I know it can be overwhelming!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this insightful interview into how you can make money just pinning on Pinterest.

And remember, use the code EBE20 to get 20% off Get Paid to Pin now! 

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How to get paid to pin with Dale



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