How to get rich pins (the easy way!)

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Pinterest is amazing when it comes to getting blog traffic.

Actually, I now:

  • Have over 5.3k followers
  • Reach over 1 million people on Pinterest every month
  • And get over 13,000 page views a month from Pinterest alone

(You can check out my Pinterest account here to see my most recent stats). 

Pinterest has been so good in helping my blog grow, I even created a free course teaching bloggers how to use it to get more blog traffic!

But it’s only recently I realised that I did not have rich pins on my Pinterest- a big mistake.

How to get rich pins

RICH PINS what they are and how to get them


These are basically pins that provide more information about a pin. Below are some in the Pinterest feed.

Example of a RIch pin.

As you can see, the Rich pins also show the board the pin was pinned to and the profile of who pinned it. This is good for getting more Pinterest followers and blog traffic as it makes it easier for people to find your Pinterest profile.

There are 6 different types of rich pins, and when you verify your website for rich pins, Pinterest will automatically determine what category your rich pin will fall under. For example, my pins from my blog are Article Pins. Meaning they show a short snippet of the article (in my case blog posts).

As you need to have a website for rich pins, it massively helps if you have your own blog. But if you don’t have a blog yet, you can have one up and running within an hour, for less than $4 per month with my ultimate how to start a blog guide!


If you have a Pinterest business account and have claimed your website, you can check if you have rich pins by checking your Pinterest analytics. Click on Analytics> Overview then scroll, you should come to a page similar to this.

Pin type.

Look under ‘Pin type’. If there is nothing (like above), then you don’t have rich pins.

Getting rich pins takes no time at all. (It’s actually one of the easiest things I’ve done with regards to blogging). So now you know what rich pins are, here’s how to get them!


For this we will be using the Yoast SEO plugin.

(If you haven’t got the Yoast SEO plugin already, you need to get it. It’s free and helps you to rank your posts higher on Google. You can check out how to install and use it here).

Once you have the Yoast SEO plugin, go to the “Features” tab.

Yoast, features tab.

Then make sure the advanced settings pages is set to “Enabled”.  Below it is currently set as disabled- click to make it enabled.

How to get rich pins. Advanced setting page enabled.

Scroll and click “Save changes”.

Scroll, click save changes.

This has enabled the metadata.

Now go to Pinterest’s rich pin validator.

Copy the URL of one of your blog posts with images in (NOT the homepage). Then press “Validate”.

Copy URL of a blog post with images into validator, press 'validate'

Once you have clicked validate, this page will come up. Click “Apply now”.

How to get rich pins. Your pins have been validated, click 'apply now'.

This message will then come up.

How to get Rich pins. Applied for Rich pins message.

You have now applied for rich pins!

Once your pins have been validated, when you check back on your analytics on Pinterest there should be an R under the Pin type section.

Pin type R.

I didn’t have any problems when I tried to apply for rich pins, but please comment or get in touch if you do and I will try to help.

I hope this tutorial made it clear how easy it is to have rich pins.

If it has, please share it on Pinterest!

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How to get rich pins

Now that you have rich pins, make sure to read this post on how to design AWESOME pins, so you can get even better engagement on your new rich pins.

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    1. Hey Stephy! I think Yoast might have done an update to the plugin- there’s a Pinterest section now where you can copy the metadata in from Pinterest to claim your website, then go to the rich pin validator. If that doesn’t work, this plugin adds the metadata to your blog for Pinterest rich pins for you .
      I use Social Warefare pro- it’s great because it has a separate Pinterest description box for images, so you can put a description of what’s in the actual image in the alt section box, which is much better for SEO!

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