How to make GORGEOUS pins that stand out


Everyone wants their pins to stand out on Pinterest.

It’s so disappointing to put loads of time into creating a beautiful graphic, only for it then to be lost in a sea of other pins.

So what do you need to do to make your images stand out?

I’ve tried to pay attention to what images stand out on Pinterest. And I found a pattern.

So here is a list of ways to design AWESOME pins that stand out on Pinterest (with examples). So you can create your images for Pinterest, to make sure you get the most out of Pinterest for your blog.

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Make pins stand out! With these easy tips

PLEASE NOTE: These are what stood out in my Pinterest feed (based on pins to do with blogging). Different images might stand out depending on who you follow and what you’re interested in. However, I’ve tried to explain why they stand out to me. And hopefully you agree, and can apply it to your own niche.


How to make your pins stand out

1. Having a background that grabs attention

The background takes up the majority of the image.

So a great way to make your images stand out on Pinterest is to use a background that stands out.

The two different types of backgrounds that stood out to me where:

Using a photograph for the background

A lot of pins do this, but not many have the background image as the main focus.

Pin with photograph as the background

I’ve put an example above of how using a photograph for the background can really grab attention.

The other images have plain white backgrounds, which is completely fine and I actually think looks cleaner. But in this situation, that photograph is the first thing to grab my eye because it’s more interesting than a plain background.

Using a solid coloured background

If using a photograph isn’t your thing, consider how the colour for the background can make it stand out.

Image with pink background

In the example above, to me the image with the pink background stood out the most.


Because it’s a strong, solid colour that’s different to the other two, which have lighter background images or backgrounds that aren’t as striking.

And yes, you can argue that for those other pins you read the text first, but definitely when I see these images I look at the one with the pink background first.

It’s also a good chance to use a colour for your brand, and whilst I don’t brand my pins, it’s a good way of promoting a brand colour (in my case pink!).

Whilst we’re on the topic of colour, some pins stood out simply by:

2. Making use of colour

And by this I mean considering how even just one colour can make your pins stand out compared to everyone else’s.

The pins that stood out to me just because of colour were:

The ones that used vivid colour

Using pale baby shades like baby pink lighten the overall image, but may not be good if all your colours are faded e.g if you use grey for your text.

You need a strong bold colour to draw the eye.

Vivid pink vs baby pink

I’ve included an example above- which pink do you look at first?

For me, its the brighter pink, because it stands out more against the white background.

And if I’m being honest, I prefer the pale pink. But just think about how a vivid colour stands out against other colours.

Ones that used a different colour

The majority of Pinterest users are female. And as a result, the majority of pins are very feminine with girly colours.

You know what colour I’m talking about. Pink.

Seems to me that at least 90% of the pins on Pinterest use pink as their theme colour.

And NO- there is nothing wrong with this. I actually really like pink, and recently changed my branding to use pink (you can see some of my pins here). Because without being stereotypical, a lot of females (not all) like pink, and the majority of Pinterest users are female.

Having said that, sometimes I see a pin and it stands out to me simply because it’s not using the colour pink.

Green colour pin

Above is an example- I hardly ever see green on Pinterest. So I saw this pin and it stood out to me just because the colours are quite unique.

3. Using text to get attention

Some pins stood out to me just because of the text. Why?

They used caps

I’m not really sure why, but I read the text that is written in capitals first.

I think it’s because generally if people are putting something in capitals it’s because it’s more urgent, so you go to read that first.

Font in caps

My brain sort of skims the page, sees that pin in caps and thinks ‘READ IT QUICK’

It catches my eye much more than the text that isn’t in capitals.

They used larger font

Size DOES matter (when it comes to Pinterest at least!).

When I saw a pin where the text was way bigger, my eye was drawn to it immediately.

Big Pin

The above pin stands out basically because I saw it and thought “That font is HUGE!”. But it does grab my attention and so I look at that pin first.

Not to mention that larger font is easier to read.

You’re at the end of the list now, but you’ve probably noticed the pins I selected all had something in common that made them stood out.

It’s kinda obvious, but…

4. They’re different

Of course!

These pins stood out simply because they are different.

So make sure to keep that in mind when creating your images. Your brand is unique to you and shouldn’t be like everyone else’s.

That’s my list! As I said, these are what stood out to me. I suggest maybe trying it for your own niche and seeing if you notice anything different. But in general I think these can be used as guidelines for when creating your images.

If you found this post helpful, please share it on Pinterest!

10 ways to make your pins stand out

And whilst it’s important to make sure your pins stand out so you can get more Pinterest followers and blog traffic, standing out is not the only way to get more followers (check out this post here on how to use keywords to get more followers on Pinterest). Plus none of these images used all the points I made to stand out. And that’s probably a good thing, otherwise your image will stand out for all the wrong reasons!

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5 thoughts on “How to make GORGEOUS pins that stand out”

  1. Fab post, thank you! I’ve actually pinned it ;). I’m forever trying to make better pins.

    You’re right, what all those pins have in common is they are different. Sometimes it’s just a sea of pins that all look so much alike. I keep tweaking my pin style…

    1. Glad you liked it and thank you for the share 🙂 I keep tweaking mine too; you won’t know what look work best for you until you try it I guess!

  2. I love pink, but there’s definitely pink overload on Pinterest. I like that you also noticed this. Interestingly, my black and white pins, with solid black backgrounds, have tended to perform well. I think they do just stand out. Great post. ????????

    1. I agree (even though I’ve just made the move to pink as it suits my audience better, ha!) I definitely see a lot of pink on there! Glad you like it 🙂

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