Should you brand your pins? The answer might surprise you!

If you’re a blogger, you’ll know how important branding is.

It’s the difference between a professional blog that makes money and a blog that fails.

However, one thing that you shouldn’t brand is…

Your pins.

Or specifically, your title pins.


Title pins are basically your blog post title on an image that can be pinned to Pinterest, to help you get more blog traffic.

Here’s an example below:

Why you shouldn't brand pins

Now you know what they are if you didn’t already, you might be even more confused.

Why would you want an image in your blog post that looks nothing like the other images on your blog?!

This post is all about why you shouldn’t brand your pins, and how you can still make your blog look well branded and use unbranded pins.


1. Your branding might not be the look for Pinterest success

Your blog might look beautiful, but that look might not be the look that will get lots of repins.

By sticking to the same colours, fonts and overall look, you’ll never know if a different look could be the one Pinterest goes crazy for, and gets you a tonne of traffic to your blog!

When I first started blogging, all my pins were really branded.

But they never got good engagement, despite the titles being really engaging.

Once I started using unbranded pins for a while, I really got to grips with what designs worked well and what didn’t.

Then I started to use the design that worked, and now I get so much more engagement.

In fact I recently got my first viral pin!

I also think that design takes practice.

Even as a designer, I can see a massive improvement in my pin designs now compared to a year ago.

So I don’t think it’s wise, especially as a new blogger, to go full steam ahead and share 20+ branded pins…

Which in a years time you might dislike and have to redo over.

Or even worse- you decide to rebrand your website, and now all your pins don’t match.

And you have to go through and redesign them all (guilty).

2. To get better engagement on group boards

If you’re trying to grow your blog or business reach through Pinterest, you’re probably part of group boards.

Group boards can be part of an excellent Pinterest strategy…but only if you are joining the best group boards.

But how do you know which ones are best?

This is something you will learn if you sign up to my free course Easy Pinterest with Emily. 

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But whether you’re in good group boards or bad ones, if you’re pinning images that look the same to these boards, you are only going to get repins from people in these groups that like your branded look.

By using images with different looks, you are more likely to get repins and reach more people.

You might have only been pinning images with a certain font, but someone in that group with 10,000 followers might hate that font and so hasn’t repinned it.

If you pin something without that font, they like it, repin it and you reach 10,000 more people than before!

3. To spam less

If you’re in group boards and just pinning images to the board that look the same, you’re more likely to be seen as spam.

Even though you are actually pinning different images, the person in charge of the board will just see the same kind of images, fonts and colours constantly and think you’re spamming.

You might even get booted from the board! Which you definitely don’t want. 

Also with the following tab, pinners following you can see what you’ve pinned.

You don’t want them to think you’re pinning the same image over and over, or they’ll unfollow you!

By pinning different styled images, you can pin more often without pinners bored.


When I say you shouldn’t brand your pins, there’s one thing you should definitely do.

And that’s add your logo or your website to your pins.


Because pin theft is real, people!

If you don’t have something at the bottom of the image showing it belongs to you, someone can easily use the image to get traffic to their website.

So yes, use different looking pins, experiment with fonts, etc.

But always put something to show it’s yours.

So now you know why you shouldn’t brand your pins, how can we use unbranded pins and still have a well branded blog?

How you can still make your blog look well branded and use unbranded pins

If you’ve read any of my other blog posts or follow me on Pinterest, you’ll notice that my pins vary in design.

I try to use about 7 different templates and change the photographs regularly.

But then I use similar fonts and colours so my followers recognise my brand.

That way. all my pins don’t look the same (for the reasons I made above), but they’re also not all a mess!

However, you might want to make each of your images completely different, and you don’t want images on your blog that don’t suit your brand.

What I suggest is:

  • Putting 1 maybe 2 title pins in your post that match the look of your branding so your blog still looks good.
  • Then for the images that are unbranded, hide them in your blog posts using this tutorial.
  • This way, those hidden images can be pinned to Pinterest and still provide links to your blog, but without making your post look like it has weak branding.

This also means you can A/B test images on Pinterest to see which look is more successful!


Of course!

If you want to brand your pins, that’s absolutely fine. Some bloggers get great success doing this.

But I do really suggest trying some unbranded pins for a while, especially if you’re a new blogger.

Try some varied looks first.

Then once you find a design pinners like, you can use it more often.

I hope this post has shown you why you shouldn’t brand your pins.

If you want Pinterest success fast, make sure to sign up for Easy Pinterest with Emily now:

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Why you shouldn't brand your pins (reason #1 is so important)

Should you brand your pins The answer might surprise you!

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2 thoughts on “Should you brand your pins? The answer might surprise you!”

  1. I’ve been wondering this exact question because I don’t want to do all my pins the same, I want to experiment! I’m not a designer like you but I have to agree that over the last year of being on Pinterest my pin design has improved dramatically.
    You never know which one will go viral since there are so many factors and I don’t want to limit myself to only branded pins. I’ve always thought it was not only a bit spammy and weird, but also boring. I need to reach a broader audience and I can’t do that with all pink pins.
    Thank you for this post.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Dawn-
      I’m sure other bloggers will disagree with my opinions, and I can see that if you are a big company you will benefit from branded pins. But for solo bloggers like us, our pin design capabilities improves over time for sure!
      And it’s definitely more fun having new and exciting pins 🙂

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