What pages your blog needs to earn money blogging

Want to earn money blogging?

One of the most important things to make money from your blog that people seem to over look are what pages you have on your blog.

How? Because every time someone visits your blog, they could be someone who wants to spend money on something you write about. And therefore you want certain pages at the top of your blog so that it’s easier to navigate for these reasons:

  1. So that they feel comfortable. If I visit a website and find it confusing, I’m less likely to buy anything from it. Why? Because nobody wants to place their money on a bad feeling! If they feel like they’re getting “lost” on your blog, you can bet they’re going to be hitting that back button ASAP.
  2. So it’s easier for them to spend money. Kind of obvious but often overlooked. If the thing I want to buy is put right in front of me, I’m more likely to buy it. It’s as simple as putting a link in an easy to find place, so it’s there for your blog reader to use.

The obvious way of making someone feel your website is easy to navigate (and making it easier to spend money), is having certain pages at the top of your blog. Specifically a mix of pages that make your blog easy to use, and pages that will make you money.

So what are these pages? I’ve made a list of pages your blog needs to earn money blogging. Find out what they are below!

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These are the following pages you can add to your blog in order to make it look more professional and to earn money blogging!


This page will be used a lot as it’s a key part of navigating your blog.

Add adverts to the top of your homepage, and as your page views increase you will start earning money.

Your home page should also provide leads to your other money making pages too.


Would you give your money to a complete stranger? (Hopefully you said no!).

People are more likely to buy something from someone if they feel they have a connection with them. So this is your chance! Be friendly and introduce both yourself and your blog. These people reading your blog are probably never going to meet you in person, so make sure what you write counts.

Again, if you’ve made your own digital product you can put it here subtly. You can say something about your back story, and then “that’s how I came to create ___” and talk about your product.

And if you don’t have a product, you can lead them to a resources page that talks about all the things you like (and that’s filled with affiliate links).


If you read my post about how I made my first £50 blogging, you’ll know that I made a big mistake not adding a contact page to my blog. And no, you don’t have to have a contact page just for services.

It might be that someone has tried to use your affiliate link and it’s broken so they want to message you to tell you. Essentially you could be missing out on money, and a contact me page will help with that.

However, don’t knock your abilities in offering services.

Even if you just put “I offer services”, someone might have seen something on your blog they’re interested in e.g a photograph you’ve taken, a graphic you’ve made, your style of writing. They might want help with it, and if they’ve approached you about it they obviously think you have something to offer.

And nobody works for free! Fellow bloggers especially know how much effort is put into blogging. They will pay you for your time.


Pretty obvious, but if you’ve put the time into making a product, SHOW IT OFF!

Put a link to a page promoting it at the top of your blog, and that way people will always be able to find your product.

Think what I mentioned earlier about making it easy for people. Because you want people to buy your product more than people want to buy it. So you’ve got to make it easy for them to find and purchase, or they won’t bother.

You should be trying to subtly mention your product on different pages throughout your blog, so that readers have it in their head you have a product. And then if you provide links to your product pages throughout… Well that’s more paths leading to your product page. So more ways to get to your product, and more sales for you!


I already mentioned earlier about having links to a resources page. But why even have a resources page in the first place?

Because if people are reading your blog, they’re interested in what you have to say. They’re interested in you. Therefore, they’re probably interested in the products you like and want to buy them for themselves.

If you have a page just with affiliate links to products you like, it’s easy for people to find your fav products and to purchase them.

And don’t think it looks unprofessional. Whatever you blog about, you have advice to offer, so people are going to want to know what you used to develop these skills. Or even they admire you and just want to know what you like.

I know this because I personally want to turn my blog into a business. And I have a few select people who I admire as they have turned their blog into a business.

So when they tell me what they did to get to that point, I’m obviously going to follow their advice. They’re the experts after all! And yes, that includes buying the products they have bought to get to that point.


Okay so this applies more to people writing in a niche where money is involved.

But this can be applied to different niches. We are humans after all, and I don’t think there will be anyone who says “oh no thank you! I’d rather not save/ earn money!”.

If you have a page that mentions money in a positive way, people are going to click it.

For me personally, I visit a blog about blogging and see a page called “MAKE MONEY BLOGGING”. Well that’s exactly what I want to do! My goal is to make money blogging. So you can bet I’m going to click that page.

This can be applied to different niches.

For example if you have a crafts blog, maybe having a page called “Save money on supplies” and then having a page listed with the supplies you use with your affiliate link and discount code.

If they’re on your blog they’re going to be interested in buying craft stuff anyway. The “save money” part will push them to click that page. And then hopefully, they will use your affiliate links.


Absolutely not!

These are just ideas, and pages that I’ve noticed a lot of the bloggers who make mega bucks have.

And hopefully with my explanations, you can see why, and start to earn money blogging too.

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Want to make money blogging? Your blog needs these pages

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