Learn how to make your pins go viral and get hundreds of blog views daily!

Does this sound familiar?

You’re spending so much time creating awesome blog posts, but nobody reads them. You share your blog posts on Pinterest, but you’re still not getting consistent blog traffic.

You feel like there’s just something you’re missing.

What if...

You knew the secret to getting viral pins, and had hundreds of blog views every day for free? 


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Here's what you'll learn


Hey! I’m Emily- the blogger behind Easy Blog Emily. I’ve been blogging for 2 years now, and started EBE after finding out how difficult blogging really is!

I created EBE to help beginner bloggers. I write easy to follow blogging tutorials, tips and tricks to help achieve blogging success.

This is also why I created The Viral Pin Guide. 


When I first started blogging, I really struggled to get traffic consistently. I was putting so much effort into creating detailed blog posts… But nobody was reading them. 

That is, until my first pin went viral on Pinterest.

Overnight my blog traffic exploded. I went from having under 100 blog views a day to over 600 page views in one day. And this sudden increase was in less than 24 hours!


Thanks to the techniques I use in the guide, I now reach over 2 million people on Pinterest every month:

And check out just a few of my pin stats:

I get hundreds of blog views daily with little effort because of viral pinning methods.

I’ve been able to grow my email list, gain loyal readers, and make more money with my blog.

I couldn’t (and still can’t) believe how much viral pins have changed my blogging life.

I knew I needed to share what I had learnt with other bloggers- which is why I created the guide!


Learn how to get viral pins and consistent blog traffic now!

This is for you if...

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“I found this ebook extremely helpful. I was really happy to see that you included a section on the fonts you use and what you would recommend to use. I have no clue on graphics, and Canva has so many fonts to choose from. I’m on limited time to create pins as it is, and it has been taking me so much time trying to figure out fonts!

The examples you used to showcase what a “good pin” looks like were very helpful as well. It really helps to see what the pin images should look like. Your in depth descriptions on text, font and image ideas gives me the tools I need to create a viral pin.”

“I’m more than impressed by The Viral Pin Guide. I’ve read a lot of other eBooks about Pinterest Marketing, but I must say, this one takes the cake! 

It’s one of the most in-depth guides about creating and promoting stunning pins on Pinterest that there is out there. The amount of work and passion it took to make this eBook is mind-boggling. The formatting is astonishing, and your wording was pitch perfect. This is probably one of the best investments I’ve made for my blog in a while.
I just wanted to thank you for creating such an awesome and intriguing ebook. I hope you make a course soon, I’ll literally be throwing my money at you ๐Ÿ™‚ 
P.S: I’m still shocked that I received such an awesome guide for such a low price!


“Emily’s ‘The Viral Pin Guide’ is a minefield of easy-to-follow tips to maximize Pinterest for my business. I’m slowly implementing her advice step-by-step, and it’s been extremely helpful to a Pinterest newbie like me. What’s extra about it is that she gives a lot of pretty good advice about SEO, hashtags, and blogging in general (she is a blogger’s resource, after all!), which is great because I don’t need to look anywhere else—I can find most of what I need in this book.

I’m currently on Chapter 5 and so far I’m relishing all the useful info! It’s such a steal. You’ll miss a lot if you don’t buy it!


“The Viral Pin Guide is an amazing resource for bloggers like myself who aren’t great at graphic design. I knew there was more I could be doing with my pins, but I wasn’t sure what steps to take.

Emily’s design tips were extremely helpful and aren’t the same basic advice you see over and over. Highly recommend!


Grab your copy and start getting viral pins today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Viral pins can transform your blog- with just a single viral pin, you could be getting hundreds of blog views daily (and for free). 

The guide covers changing your mindset so you’re creating pins that reach more pinners, how to design awesome pins, creating engaging copy for your pins, what to do before and after you get a viral pin, and pinning strategy to make your pins go viral. 

Yes! I truly think you can learn how to be good at design. The guide covers everything you need to know about creating gorgeous pins in non-designer terms. 

No- the guide focuses on pin design, not creation. But that means you can use any design software you like to put what you learn into practice!

After you purchase, you will receive an email containing the digital download. You will also receive lifetime access to any updates!

Due to the digital nature of the guide, I cannot offer refunds and all sales are final. Please contact me at [email protected] before you buy if you have any questions!



Learn how to get viral pins now!


The Viral Pin Guide


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