How I get 10k shares on my blog posts

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Want to get more blog post shares?

I know what it’s like to get no shares on your blog.

When I first started I would work really hard creating detailed tutorials for new bloggers.

But I’d press publish… And then *crickets*.

Nobody reading it, no comments.


It was really disheartening. I felt like I was trying so hard, but helping nobody.

But over time I learnt how to get more blog post shares.

And I’m happy to say I’ve learnt how to get LOADS of shares on my blog posts.

I’m talking over 10, 000 shares on my most popular post (how to make $1500 on Pinterest).

And my post on motivational quotes has got over 10,000 shares too.

So if you’re sick of working hard creating amazing content but not having anyone share it, this post is for you.

Because I’m going to teach you how to get more shares on your blog posts, based on my own experience 🙂


Before you learn how to get more blog post shares, you need to know why it is you haven’t gotten shares so far.

This is usually for at least 3 (sometimes all of) the following reasons:

1. NOBODY IS READING YOUR CONTENT. Pretty obvious, but if nobody is actually reading your content, there are less people to share your blog posts.
2. YOUR CONTENT ISN’T EASY TO SHARE. If there’s no easy way for the readers you have to share your content when they do read them, you can’t really expect them to share your posts.
3. YOUR CONTENT ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH. I’ve put this one last because it’s the least likely to be true. But content is king- if your posts just aren’t that great, the people who read them aren’t going to share them.

It can be a combination of all the reasons above, or just one reason.

But now you know why it is people aren’t sharing your blog posts currently, we can solve each problem to get more shares on your blog posts!


This is a step by step to make sure you get more blog post shares by solving the problems I listed above.


This might be completely against what you already think.

But lots of bloggers think they need to share new posts daily.

This is kinda OK if you’re a completely new blogger, so you’re building up your blog.

Otherwise people will find your post, but then the rest of your blog will be empty.

But this is NOT a good long term strategy for growing your blog.

In fact, if you’ve been blogging thinking “the more I post, the more people will read my blog”, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Because you do actually need a strategy for promotion.

And generating new content constantly isn’t it.

Pushing yourself to create new content is actually a surefire way to get blogger burnout.

You can have the BEST posts ever, but if you haven’t worked out how to promote them, nobody will read or share them.

So if you’re yet to get a decent amount of people sharing your blog posts, get off the content creation train and focus a bit more on content promotion.

In my blog post about how often you should publish a blog post, I actually stated I only share posts around once a week- twice max, and sometimes only once every two weeks.

And despite this, I’ve still grown my blog to over 900 page views a day!

Thanks to understanding “more content doesn’t mean more traffic”, and working on creating quality content with a good promotion strategy instead.

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This is something bloggers seem to shy away from.

After all, many bloggers are introverts. Reaching out to people isn’t one of their skills.

But if your content is good or you have important info to share, networking is such a good way to get more blog post shares

Because not only will the people you network with find your content and share it more, but the people who follow them will find your content and then they will share it, etc.

It’s like a ripple effect, and eventually the ripple will spread and you will be getting thousands of shares on your blog posts.

Networking is easier than you think- it doesn’t have to be cold emailing if you don’t like outreaching like that.

Many bloggers will want to accept guest posts from other bloggers in their niche, and will have a “work with me” or guest post section on their blog.

Or with the various social media platforms available today, you can easily just message a blogger on social media asking to connect.

You can also join Facebook groups (here’s a list of 30 groups) and participate in collab threads.

I’ve found Facebook groups to be so helpful in reaching like minded bloggers in my niche!


You know how if it’s not easy to share your blog posts, people who read them won’t share them?

Making your blog posts easy to share will mean people are more likely to share them.

This was a big penny drop moment for me, and once I started using a plugin that allowed for easy social media sharing my blog posts started to get way more shares on social media.

The plugin I am currently using for this blog is Social Warfare.

It is a paid for plugin, but it has been essential in growing my blog.

Plus the paid for version has premium features I can’t live without! Like:

  • Allowing a pin it button to appear over certain sized images
  • Being able to customise the colours of your share buttons (mine are pink to match my brand)
  • Adding a “pin description” to your images, so you can write the description you want the image to have to be shared to Pinterest rather than having to use the alt description (which isn’t great for SEO).

You can check out the Social Warfare plugin here.


When we’re discussing a good promotion strategy for you blog, social media is a must.

But what isn’t a must is posting your content on all social media platforms.

You will spread yourself too thin, and ultimately it is better to master one platform than “kinda” learn how to use a couple.

For example, Instagram and Facebook have both suffered from low engagement recently.

So I’ve focused my time on learning how to use Pinterest to get more traffic.

And I now get over 13,000 page views a month from Pinterest alone.

If you want to learn how to use Pinterest for your blog, I created a free course called Easy Pinterest with Emily.

I think Pinterest can be beneficial for almost all bloggers, if you want to get more shares on your blog posts.

So sign up below!


This is my secret little hack for getting loads of shares on my blog posts.

Because once a pin has gone viral, you don’t really need to do much. The viral pin will just keep going, and getting your more shares (and traffic) for that blog post!

For example, I had a viral pin for my post on how to make $1000+ a month on Pinterest.

That was in November…. Almost 9 months later, and it still gets 140,000+ impressions from Pinterest.

And more importantly- it gets 5,000 click through a every month! To one post!

If you want to find out more about my viral pinning strategy, you can check out The Viral Pin Guide here.


Getting more shares on your blog posts does not need to be as hard as you might think.

Just work out what the main issue is, and then use the tips above to solve that issue and start getting more shares!

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