How often should you publish a blog post?

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“How often should you publish a blog post?” is a question a lot of bloggers (new and seasoned alike) will ask themselves at some point.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll have noticed that I was sharing a blog post weekly…. And then I didn’t share one for about 2 months!

So for starters, this post is a bit of an apology. I haven’t quit!

I’ve just come to the end of my degree, so I’ve been focusing really hard on that. Plus I have actually still been working on easyblogemily… Just stuff behind the scenes that you don’t see, e.g creating free resources and courses, working on SEO, etc.

But when I saw that I hadn’t shared a post in almost 2 months (maybe more…whoops…), I realised that if you’re not signed up to receive emails from me, it might look like my website is dead. Which is certainly not the case- I’m actually about to launch my first product, which I am super excited for!

Anyway, I realised that I needed to share a post ASAP.

I was really eager to write this post as I’d had a long break from writing blog posts. Plus, this topic is actually something I really wanted to discuss.

Because no doubt you’ve asked yourself “How often should I publish a blog post?”, and might have struggled for an answer.

This post covers how often bloggers should really publish a blog post, and how to work out a sharing schedule that’s right for you.

How often should you blog?


I’m going to start by saying there isn’t an exact amount you should be sharing. Annoying I know, because I just said this post is going to tell you how often you should be sharing. And I will! It’s just there isn’t a magic number that works for everyone.

However, there are definite amounts you shouldn’t be sharing…


This one is pretty obvious to most bloggers, but if you’re not posting enough, your blog is going to suffer. Especially if you’re a new blogger- you will struggle to get traffic if you only have a couple of blog posts, and then struggle even more to get regular readers if you have nothing to say!

I’ve reached the point now where I have over 50 blog posts, I’m getting traffic regularly, and email subscribers daily. But when I started I was posting twice a week, because I wasn’t getting enough traffic with very few posts.

But now I’ve reached the point where my blog is growing through other strategies and not sharing blog posts as I have enough content, what would have been “too little” before now works perfectly fine. Which is why it’s hard to say a set number of times you should publish a blog post, as it will change as your blog develops and what you need to focus on changes!

I would say once a month is the minimum amount to share a blog post. Especially if you have an email list, as you can email your readers as a short version of a blog post instead to keep up communication.


This is a mistake so many bloggers (including myself) make! If you are writing and sharing posts too often, you are going to burnt out real fast.

People who share blog posts to often usually do so for two reasons. These are because they:


So many people think blogging is just sharing a blog post, so they think they should do as much of it (sharing) as they can. They forget (or don’t know) all the other stuff that comes with it, like taking images, editing images, building a website, creating branding, all of it.

They just think they will write and share daily, and that’s that.

It might work for some people, especially if you’re outsourcing work so you can solely focus on writing posts.

But for most, over posting will make you stressed, and drain you of your creative energy.

Most people will unfortunately find that out the hard way! But don’t let people who think that “blogging is just blogging” pressure you into sharing more. There is way more that goes on behind the scenes that people don’t see.


I agree initially you need to be sharing content often, otherwise you’ll have an empty website and won’t get traffic.

But that doesn’t have to be daily! Even if your blog posts are short, I wouldn’t recommend sharing posts more than 3 times a week, as there are other more important things to do when it comes to blogging. Plus, posting more doesn’t mean more people will see your posts.

Even though I haven’t shared a blog post in 2 months, I have actually increased my blog traffic compared to last month, as I’ve been able to focus more on sharing the content I already had instead!

Creating new pins for old posts and sharing on Pinterest regularly has helped increase my traffic way more than publishing a new post daily did. I now get around 400 page views a day, and the majority of that is from Pinterest!

So although I agree you need content initially to work with, do not post more than 3 times a week. If you can manage it, you are superhuman! But if you’re a struggling blogger, use your time wisely and focus it on other areas.


Instead of frantically writing blog posts, if you want more blog traffic I really do suggest focusing Pinterest if you’re not already.

Pinterest has been a game changer for my blog- thanks to developing a strong Pinterest strategy (and one of my pins going viral) I’ve had much more blog traffic consistently.

In fact, after my pin went viral, my blog traffic took a big jump (it actually doubled- you can read more about my blog traffic stats and the other methods I used to increase it here), and now the majority of my traffic is for that post. Which was a bit of a light bulb moment for me.

I realised that if I had viral pins for all my posts, my traffic would be insane! And I needed to focus on promoting the blog posts I already have on Pinterest, rather than stressing myself out creating new posts all the time.

So now you know you shouldn’t be posting less than once a month, but not more than 3 times a week. (Please note that these are just guidelines for if you’re struggling with how much you publish a blog post. Some people will post outside of this amount, and it woks for them just fine).

But how do you work out how often you should publish a blog post?


As with most blogging activities, it’s a case of try it, then learn from it and adjust.

So I just recommend testing blogging a certain amount, and then if that works for you continue it. But if you feel you’re posting too much and you’re drained, drop the amount. Or if you’re not posting enough and can’t get regular readers, start to post a bit more.

Obviously this also depends massively on other factors, such as:

  1. How old your blog is. Like I said, I’ve reached the point where I get regular traffic without posting weekly. So I will probably start sharing posts from now every 2 weeks, so I can focus on other parts of my blog.
  2. Your blog niche. I actually run 2 blogs, and I find writing posts for the other is much easier as they tend to be more image based. But for easyblogemily, my posts are often 1000+ words long. I’d definitely struggle to write and edit 3 posts a week!
  3. How much time you have. At the beginning of my 3rd year in uni, I had more time to focus on blogging. At the end with all my deadlines, I had literally no time. And that’s okay! It just meant I had to adjust my sharing schedule. Remember that some bloggers may be able to post daily, but blogging might be the only thing they do, so they can focus solely on that!

But I really recommend just trying sharing a blog post at a certain frequency, and if it doesn’t work for you, change it.

But the most important thing?


I just kinda disappeared from my blog for 2 months, or so it seemed to anyone that reads my blog! If I had just said “I usually post once a week, but I’m having to focus on finishing my degree, so I won’t be posting for a while”, then they would have known, and could have expected a post in a month or so!

So just make sure to communicate what you are doing and how often you will be posting to your readers, no matter how much that is. It’s the best way to gain loyal readers who are interested in what you have to say, and actually read your posts when you share them!

So from now on, expect a post every other week from me. I will be working on making more awesome content for you in other ways, like courses and freebies instead!

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