Small blogs making $1000+ (with under 15k pageviews!)

If you think you can’t make money blogging because your blog is small, this post is to prove you wrong!

One of the main reasons more bloggers don’t start making money earlier is because they think they need 250,000+ views a month or something crazy.

And it’s simply not true.


I’d say this is for two reasons:

  1. You do need lots of views if you want to make a significant income through advertising. If the main way you want to make money blogging is through advertisements, a larger audience is better. You need at least 25,000 sessions a month to apply to Mediavine, and with advertisements, more views = more money.
  2. The more views you have, the more money you can make. Generally speaking, this is true. It makes sense; if you’re making around $200 a month with 20 people reading one of your blog posts… Well if 200 people read it, you could be making $2,000!

But despite those reasons, needing a large audience to make money blogging is a myth (you can read more blogging myths here).

You can definitely be making money with a small audience!

And this is 100% true because:

  • I first made money blogging with a tiny audience- you can read about how I made my first £50 blogging here.
  • I also made my first affiliate sale with less than 30 posts and 3000 page views a month!

And just to show you that small blogs can definitely generate significant income, I’ve found 5 bloggers who are consistently making money blogging with small blogs.

(All of them had under 25,000 sessions a month at the time this post was written, so none of their income is through advertising with Mediavine).

Small blogs making $1000 a month

I should also add that whilst I am not making a full time income, in my blogging income report I earned $439 with less than 15k sessions for the month.

And, the majority of that was passive! 

Meaning I didn’t have to be actively working to earn that income.

I am really thrilled that I have earned this, as although it might not seem like much, some of that was earned in my sleep (seriously, one day in that month I woke up to an email telling me I had made $80 overnight whilst I was sleeping!).

And I want other people to start making passive income online too, so I decided to create a free course called Easy Passive Income.

So whether you need extra money to help pay your bills or you want to work your way to a full time income online, sign up below to start earning passive income ASAP!



If you read my post where I interviewed different bloggers about their incomes, Russel and Maleah were one of the first on the list.

They were making six figures a year ($10,000+ a month!)…with around 8,500 visitors to their website a month.

Isn’t that crazy?!

Russell and Maleah make this much money through affiliate marketing.

For those of you who don’t know what affiliate marketing is:

  1. You find a product or service you’d like to promote
  2. You sign up to the affiliate programme, and are given a unique affiliate link
  3. You share your affiliate link for the product/ service
  4. Then if someone uses that link, you make money!

You can read my guide on affiliate marketing for beginners here.

The best thing is that affiliate marketing is a form of passive income, meaning you don’t always have to be working on it to make money (here are the best passive income methods for bloggers).

I literally woke up the other day to found I had made an affiliate sale overnight whilst I had been sleeping!

What’s interesting here is that Russell and Maleah only actually make around 10 affiliate sales a month to get such a high income. They get $500- $1,500 per affiliate sale, so they don’t need to make loads of sales to generate a full time income.

Promoting high ticket products is a great way for small blogs to make money; you’ll only need to make a small amount of sales to make significant money!


Hannah McKnight Rinaldi has been making money from her blog for a while; she had two years of making at least $2000 a month through sponsored posts (and double that during the holidays).

Family problems meant she had to work less, but she raised her rates to $400 a post. And now, she still makes at least $1000 a month… with only 13k page views!

Sponsored posts are when a brand pays you to write about their product or service.

These can be seriously profitable; Hannah charges $400 a post!

How? She says brands are still willing to pay her because her photography is good (plus her social media audience is very engaged).

Small blogs that make money are successful because sometimes, a small engaged audience is all you need!


When someone blogs about their job, there seems to be something holding them back from monetising it, as they’re already making money about that topic through their work.

But it can be seriously profitable for you, as you will already by well informed on that topic.

You have an “expertise” your readers will admire (and be willing to pay towards).

Julia Kuhn is a speech-language pathologist by trade. Her blog the Traveling Traveler is super niche; it focuses on resources and inspiration for healthcare travelers (traveling therapists/nurses/MD’s).

And Julia makes between 3k and 9k a month… with only 15,000 page views!

Similar to Russell and Maleah, Julia makes the majority of her income (90%) through affiliate marketing.

The other 10% is through sponsored content or from hosting networking events with sponsors.


Another reason bloggers don’t try to make money blogging is they think they can’t with what they write about.

But what if I told you Mary makes $1,000+ a month blogging…about tea.

On her blog Life is Better With Tea, Mary gets around 10,000 page views a month.

But she consistently makes $1,000-$2,000 a month.


Mary gets the majority of her income through affiliate marketing, but has just started with sponsored posts.

So she might be making even more soon enough! (You can read my interview with her and the other bloggers I’ve listed here).


Elise wasn’t on my list of bloggers that I interviewed for my previous post, but I knew I had to include her for my list of small blogs that make money.

Her story is pretty inspiring, and then her business is even more so.

In her post reflecting on a year of business on her blog, she gives us the stats on her website.

And what’s surprising is she earned $45,497.99 in revenue for the year, with 104,508 unique site visitors….

Which is only 8,709 unique visitors a month!

Elise sells digital products on her blog, which is a great way to make money blogging if your audience is small.

And you don’t need a lot of customers; Elise had 1469 customers that year, and made a significant income.

I think digital products are one of the best way to make money if you have a small blog.

Although I now get over 15,000 page views a month, I’d still class myself as a small niche blogger.

I’ve just launched my first digital product The Viral Pin Guide, and it’s been one of the best things I have done for this blog!


I hope this blog post on small blogs that make money has shown you a few things.


  • Making money with a small audience is different to making money with a big blog. It’s not about getting more page views; it’s about properly engaging the audience you already have.

If you want to make money with a small blog:

And lastly:

You definitely can make money with a small blog!

Don’t forget to sign up for Easy Passive Income for free passive income training:

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    1. Porcia I’m glad it has helped! Be sure to check out my other posts on how to make money blogging, to get a better idea of how to make money blogging as a beginner (if you don’t already know) 🙂

  1. This is one of the best posts I read on making money from your blog. I have a small blog myself. I didn’t think it was possible to make money from it until I reached a certain number of pageviews. This post made me see that that’s not true. Now I know exactly what to do to make money from my small blog.

    1. Pat I think it’s one of the biggest blogging misconceptions is you need a large amount of page views to make money blogging! Which is why I wrote this post so show it’s not true 🙂

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