The images your blog needs to get traffic

Images and blogging?

One of the things I wish I had known before I started a blog and something you need to know if you’re a blogger, is that your images are important.

This is important when it comes to getting blog traffic. For example, the majority of my traffic is through Pinterest. And that’s all imagery!

This post is a list of all the different types of images your blog post needs. So you can get more traffic and earn more money.

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If you aren’t already using these images, you can actually double your traffic just by using these types of images!

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Firstly, you need a visual version of your blog title as an image to be pinned to Pinterest.

Why? Because Pinterest is an amazing way to get blog traffic for free! People use Pinterest as a search engine. If someone searches something and your image with your blog post title that answers their question comes up? Well they’re more than likely to make a visit to your blog!

Here is an example of a title pin for this post:

As you can see it’s similar to the first image in this post, but is worded slightly differently and looks different.

You can get even more people visiting your blog by making sure these titles are catchy and people think they have to read your post. Check this post on how to write catchy titles for your title pins.

Title pins are also really important because no doubt you are part of group boards on Pinterest. And most of these groups will specifically want you to be posting images with your blog post title on that lead to that blog post!


Info graphs (or information graphics) are images that combine information with graphics. These tend to be more text based, but used in combination with visuals to make them more interesting.

They are an easy way to condense information from your blog post into a visual format. And guess what? If your blog post is providing a lot of information, then people are going to LOVE a condensed visual version they can share on Pinterest!

These are particularly good if you blog about health, fitness or beauty. I know because I used to have a beauty blog, and I loved sharing info graphs like why certain ingredients in face masks were good for you. And they used to get a lot of engagement!

Info graphs can be quite time consuming, but a good one will go far on Pinterest. Just be aware that certain group boards on Pinterest will specify not to post info graphs. And they just tend to work better in certain niches. For example as I blog about blogging, I don’t really tend to use them. But I could very easily condense the information from this blog post into an info graph!
Want to know the different types of images your blog post needs to get more traffic? Click to read or re-pin for inspo later.


“Inspo pics” or as I like to call them “pretty pictures” are exactly what I describe them as- images that are pretty. Pinterest is a visual place, and if someone is interested in baking and they see an image of an amazing chocolate cake, they’re more than likely to re-pin it or click to read the blog post it is from.

Inspo pics are both easy and difficult. If done right they take no time at all. But they’re very hit or miss. You don’t need thousands of pounds worth of equipment to create stunning pictures. In fact you can check out the best photography equipment for bloggers here, and the most expensive thing is a camera (and that’s still under £200). You just need something to take good photographs with, a good eye, and to be able to edit photos slightly. And VOILA- amazing looking photographs!

Basically these are inspo pics because people see these images and want what’s in the image somehow. A pretty desk, an amazing hairstyle, a cute card. Think of the kind of stuff you re-pin on Pinterest in your niche. You re-pin them because they look good. So if you can create similar images (not copy), you will get more people re-pinning your images and clicking to read your blog posts.

PLEASE NOTE: if you’re looking to make money from your blog, be wary of this tip. Don’t avoid it, just keep in mind it can be sort of click bait when you see an amazing picture of long hair, click to see how the person grew their hair that long…And it’s a post that’s nothing to do with hair. Yes said person is getting more blog traffic, but they’re engaging the wrong people. And that’s not going to make you money! It’s also spammy and you’ll lose trust.

Again, these “pretty pictures” work best in visual niches, such as hair, beauty, crafts, style, etc. But can easily be applied to other niches. Like for my niche, I might have an image for pretty organisers. Yes it’s a pretty image, but it is to do with blogging!


If you’re writing how to posts, you can almost certainly be turning them into a “how to image” or visual tutorial. Just think, if you’re doing a post on hairstyles, why not take the time to show step by step how to create that hairstyle? It’s basically a visual version of your blog post.

Plus as people use Pinterest as a search engine, they’re going to want to have problems solved. So rather than just giving them a picture of the final hairstyle, show visuals of the steps you took to get there. That’s their problem solved! And some definite re-pins.

These visual tutorials again do require a good eye for photography. But perhaps the hardest part is setting up. I used to photograph tutorials for DIY face scrubs and similar stuff, and half the work was in setting up the area so my images were consistent.

However the hard work that goes into creating a how to image definitely pays off. The people of Pinterest love a well made pictorial!

You’ve probably noticed these different types of images work well in niches like beauty, food, crafts, etc. Well that’s because they’re visual niches…and therefore images are more important in those niches than ones such as blogging or tech stuff. However, there’s no reason why say you did a post about how to design a logo. There’s no reason why you couldn’t use snippets of your screenshots to create a preview tutorial that’ll be shared on Pinterest.


So you make a cute vase, and take three different photographs of your vase. Then put these photos separately throughout your blog post. Why not combine them into one image?

It doesn’t take much time at all as you’ve already done the hard work and taken the images. So why not do that little bit extra and put them into one image? Like a collage or something similar?

People want as much as they can get for as little as possible. Give them three images in one instead of just the one, and they can just re-pin once but still be re-pinning 3 images. Easier for them, and more re-pins for you!


You should now do the following if you want to get more traffic to your blog using images:

  • Place an image with your blog title on at the top of your blog post that’s optimal for Pinterest (long).
  • If your blog post is providing a lot of information or facts, sum it up visually in an infograph that has text combined with visuals.
  • Use high quality images that people wish they had taken in your blog posts. People are more likely to re-pin an image that looks amazing.
  • If your blog post is a tutorial, include a visual version of the tutorial (a pictorial).
  • You’ve taken images- combine them in different ways and layouts. One could be the winning pair of photos that goes viral on Pinterest (and that’s a tonne of traffic for you!).

Lastly, you’re probably now thinking “…But that’s a tonne of images to be putting in my blog posts….Won’t it be too cluttered?”.

DON’T WORRY! I show you how to add ‘secret’ images to your blog posts here. So you can pin these images from your blog posts to Pinterest, without them filling up your blog post!

Want more blog traffic? Click to read the images your blog needs to get more traffic from Pinterest, or re-pin for inspo later.

I hope you now see the many ways you can even just use images to get more blog traffic. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”!

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