Best photography equipment for bloggers

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Want to know the best photography equipment for bloggers? That’s not going to break your bank?

Good photographs can be the difference between a well branded, professional looking blog, and a blog that just looks meh. Beauty, food, fitness, DIY- no matter what you blog about, you will probably need to take photographs.

As a non-photographer, I know it can be difficult spending ages tweaking things here and there to get the perfect layouts, setting up stands, editing…the list goes on. You might even be a photographer, but find there’s something you’re just not getting to get the look other bloggers’ photographs have.

Here is a list of the best photography equipment for bloggers. I’ve found they have really made it easier and upped my blog photography game!

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What you need to take good blog photos

NOTE: Don’t go nuts and start buying really expensive photography lenses and other unnecessary stuff (unless you want to!). You can most definitely take amazing blog photographs with just your phone, a plain background and natural lighting. However there are some issues with this, like only being able to take photographs at certain times of the day, having to take them in a certain place, a plain background gets boring, etc. This is just equipment that has helped me, and I hope by sharing what I use it can help you too!



No, you don’t need to go and spend half a grand on a top notch camera to take blog photos. You can most definitely use your phone camera (providing it’s good enough quality).

However if you’re like myself, I do not have the newest iphone, so I have to use a camera instead. The camera I use is the Fujifilm FinePix S8200 Digital Camera. It’s slightly out of date but you can still pick up second hand ones on Amazon, or one that’s similar and almost the same price is the Sony DSCH300 Digital Compact Bridge Camera.

Honestly, I see bloggers using cameras that are almost thousands of pounds, and whilst that’s fine if you have the money or you specifically blog about photography, it’s a bit too much to be spending on a camera if you just want to take some nice photographs for your blog. (I’d rather use the money to fuel my blog courses addiction!).

Here are some photographs I took using the similar camera when I ran a DIY beauty blog:

example of photography

As you can see it produces high quality images, plus I’m not a photographer and I found it really easy to use!


Forget asking your parents to take a photograph of the back of your hair for your hair blog. Forget blurry pictures of you holding your favourite lipstick, or your pictorial being ruined because you moved the camera slightly left.

It’s not a necessity, but a tripod massively helps if you have shaky hands or for if you need to go hands free. The one I use is the Joby GorillaPod Original Tripod (Charcoal) pictured below:

You screw the camera on at the top, and it’s as easy as that! The best part is you can use it as a normal tripod, or because the three legs are bendy and rubber they grip onto things really well. So you can wrap them around door frames, lamps, or whatever you can think of to easily get different angles.

I’ve listed it as one of my best photography equipment for bloggers because even though it’s something small and most people wouldn’t consider it an essential, it does make such a big difference to the ease of taking your photographs!


Natural lighting is best, but this limits you to only taking pictures on days where its bright (I live in the UK and even our summers aren’t sunny!) and in certain places.

(Funny story- my conservatory is the room in my house with the most natural light. I took a load of photographs in there on a sunny day. But it was too sunny and the walls are yellow, resulting in all my photographs being bright yellow when I went to edit them later on…).

To avoid having to wait until the sun appears to take photographs (or having bright yellow ones like mine), you can use artificial lighting which replicate the look of natural light. I use the softbox studio lights shown below:

These lights are really easy to set up, can be packed away neatly in the bag provided, and they are bright! I nearly blinded myself the first time I used them! I always use the white diffuser that comes with them to soften the light, but this is optional.

You can use these lights individually, but together they cancel out shadows really well. They’re especially good for if you’re a crafts or beauty blogger and need to take photographs on a desk, as you can put a light on either side of your desk.

These are on my list of best photography equipment for bloggers because people forget how important lighting actually is. It’s the difference between a good photo and an amazing one!

TIP: If you already have a good light source but not a diffuser, you can buy these separately or even just use a white bed sheet over your window if you’re using natural light.


This one has been a game changer. When I took photos in natural lighting, they were always bright on the side closest to the light source but then much darker on the side furthest away.

I fixed this by using a reflector, which helps to bounce the light off and back into your image. I know a reflector sounds like another fancy piece of equipment, but I actually just use a white art board. You can buy actual reflectors from Amazon, or like me, you can just use white foam boards like these:


Beauty bloggers, this one’s for you. If my list of best photography equipment for bloggers had to be ranked, this contact paper would be my number one. And the best part is it’s insanely cheap- just over a tenner!

This has been one of my best discoveries since I started blogging. I constantly saw beauty bloggers take photographs of their products on stunning marble tables (or so I thought). Then one day I went to my friends house and saw she’d put marble contact paper over her desk. It looked flawless, and it clicked- not all these beauty bloggers had marble tables. It was the contact paper!

Needless to say I bought some immediately, and now I just use it stuck to a massive piece of cardboard (if you buy the boards you can stick it to that). It’s definitely a two man job to stick it to a surface without any bubbles, but once it’s done it’s perfect (and waaay cheaper than buying a marble table). This is the one I use:

Because it’s white it lifts the whole photo, and the marble makes it interesting without being too distracting.

Here’s a photograph with it as the background:

Blue stationary layout 6

There are other contact paper designs, but this one is my favourite because it looks so chic.

This is the equipment I’ve used to really improve my photography, and I hope they can help you to take awesome blog photos too.

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What you need to take good blog photos

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