6 of THE BEST Canva font pairings

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If you want more re-pins on Pinterest, one thing you have to do is make sure your images are Pinterest perfect. I wrote this post on how to create images that get re-pins on Pinterest, and I briefly talked about the fonts you should be using in your title pins (images in your blog posts with your titles on to be pinned on Pinterest).

One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing their pins is using bad fonts. I cringe sometimes when I see a title that’s in such a small script font it basically can’t be read. And you guessed it- if people can’t read it, they aren’t going to engage with it. No click throughs, no re-pins.

I always advise to use a bold, easy to read font for your pins so the information is clear. However, I know that using a script font or more interesting font just adds a bit more personality to your pins. I actually like to use a nice script font here and there to give my pins a more feminine look.

Here is a list of some beautiful Canva font pairings.

Want to know the best Canva font pairings for your Pinterest graphics? Click to check out the 6 best Canva font pairings for Pinterest, or repin for inspo later #branding #designtips #fonts

I’ve tried to pick script fonts that are easy to read but still interesting, and paired them with a simple bold font.

On the left hand side is the name of the Canva font for in the actual font, so you can see what it looks like and find it easily on Canva. On the right I have designed a pin using those fonts to show you how they would look on Pinterest. I’ve used the same layout, text and image for the pin image so you can just focus on the fonts!


Abril Fatface and Playlist Script

This above Canva font pairing is my favourite. I use it for most of my Pinterest Graphics, and it’s the one I have used for my blog logo!

Clear Sans Regular and Grand Hotel

Dosis Semi Bold and Satisfy

Roboto and Pacifico

Lato and Gochi hand

Coustard and Lemon Tuesday

6 font pairings for Pinterest Graphics. Click to see 6 Canva font pairings you can use for free to create your Pinterest graphics, or re-pin for inspo later.

These are just some Canva font pairing suggestions. You can use them in whatever combination you want! Or even just use the bold ones alone.

Even though script fonts are beautiful, legibility is really important on Pinterest. When your title is easy to read, it gets more re-pins.


Great! But there’s no point having a good font combo if your graphics still looks rubbish.

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I hope this list has helped you find a Canva font pairing you love. If it has, please share it on Pinterest!
Click to read the best Canva font pairings for your Pinterest graphics, to help you design beautiful pins. Learn the best font combos for Pinterest images now, or repin for inspo later #brandingtips #pinteresttips #Canva

And if you’re looking for even more help, make sure to check out this post on why you shouldn’t brand your pins and what makes an image stand out on Pinterest too. That way you’ll know you’re making the best Pinterest graphics you can!

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