Pinterest design mistakes you need to avoid

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You’ve heard time and time again (probably from other bloggers and definitely from me!) that Pinterest is amazing for getting blog traffic. It’s actually my main source of traffic, and as a result I’ve had to make sure my Pinterest graphics are good.

If you’re new to blogging and haven’t started using Pinterest to help you get blog traffic, check out this post for creating images that will get re-pinned on Pinterest. And to help you make sure your Pinterest graphics are the best they can be, I’ve created this post all about some of the most common mistakes people make when designing Pinterest graphics.

Check out this list of Pinterest design mistakes you need to avoid, so you can make sure your pins are the best they can be!

Are your images not getting enough engagement on Pinterest? Check out this list of mistakes people make when designing graphics for Pinterest, to make sure you can avoid these mistakes and have beautiful images people re-pin and click on. Click to read mistakes you might be making on Pinterest now, or re-pin for inspo later.

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Mistakes people make when designing Pinterest graphics- they use the wrong size.

You’ve probably noticed images on Pinterest are a similar size, and that’s for a reason. Due to the way Pinterest works, you scroll through and all the images are lined up side by side. Therefore, long images do better- if your image is really short, chances are people scrolling through will miss it!

Obviously don’t make your pins obnoxiously long, but use images that are longer than they are wide. If you use Canva to create your pins, they have a Pinterest graphic option which I use ( 1102 px by 735 px).


Mistakes people make when designing Pinterest graphics- they use low quality blurry images.

This is something that really makes your images look less professional. (You can read more on how to make your Pinterest look more professional here). Unless intended as part of the photography, using blurry images in your Pinterest graphics will just make people think your pins don’t look good. It looks a little like a technical glitch. Of course, this’ll put people off re-pinning the image and ultimately discourage people from looking at your website. Because they’re thinking if your pins don’t look good, why would your blog?!

If you can, take your own high quality images to use for Pinterest. However if you can’t take your own photographs, there are plenty of websites both free and paid where you can get high quality stock photographs.


Mistakes people make when designing Pinterest graphics- they use light text.

As I talked about in my post on what makes an image stand out on Pinterest, using colours that are too light means they will be easily skipped. However this is especially important for the font. If you use a really light colour, people won’t even be able to read it. If they can’t read your title, they aren’t going to want to read your blog post.

(You can check out my post on the best titles to get more traffic here).

Make sure all your colours can be seen. You can do this by considering the relationship between the colours in your Pinterest graphic. So for example, if I use a light background image, I make sure to use dark text so it can be easily read. And if the background is dark I use light text so it can be read.


Mistakes people make when designing Pinterest graphics- bad spelling.

If I see a well designed Pinterest graphic, but notice spelling or grammar mistakes, I generally don’t re-pin it. Just because I have followers and I don’t want to be putting an unprofessional looking pin in front of them.

I’m not saying people do this on purpose. I’m awful for excitedly writing blog posts then not checking them through. However, you can go back and update a blog post. Once your pin is out, it’s out- there’s no getting it back! So be sure to check your grammar and spelling are good before you start pinning your image.


Mistakes people make when designing Pinterest graphics- not copyrighting them.

Pin theft is a serious problem on Pinterest, I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve clicked on a pin to read the post, and it takes me to something completely different. This is frustrating because it means people want to be engaging with your content, but someone has stolen your pins so you’re missing out. And unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do about it!

You don’t have to have a smaller version of your logo like I have added here. However make sure you add something that makes it obvious it’s your image. This can be a symbol you use on your website, your logo, a simplified version of your logo or even your full website address. That way, even if someone does use your image, your blog name will still be on there and people will remember it.

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Want to get more blog traffic through Pinterest? Make sure you click to check out this list of Pinterest design mistakes you need to avoid if you want to get more traffic to your blog, or re-pin for inspo later.


Now that you know these Pinterest design mistakes that you shouldn’t be doing, you might be left wondering what it is you should.

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