How to pick the right blog topic for you

Struggling to pick a blog topic?

As an indecisive person, picking what I was going to write about on my blog was hard. I spent days thinking about the pros and cons for the blog topics I wanted to write about and not reaching a decision (there were quite a few).

As it happens, I ended up quitting my first blog! And although I’m glad I had that blog first as it helped me realise my real blogging passion (blogging about blogging), all that time trying to narrow down and pick a niche was wasted.

Now I’ve had to go through the process of picking a blog niche twice, I have some great tips to help you pick a blog topic.

So grab a pen and paper. By the end of this post you will know your blog topic, and will be ready to start a blog today!

Before we start, you might be thinking:


This is a question people starting a blog (myself included) ask a lot. Surely I can write about whatever the heck I want to? And enjoy it whilst still making money?

The answer is: yes of course! If you like to write about lots of different topics, you can write about different topics. It’s your blog after all! And yes, there are people who make a significant income with multi-topic blogs, usually through ads as they get a lot of page views.

However, there are benefits to having just one blog topic.

Why you need a blog niche


Having a blog topic is good because:

  • It will help you decide a blog name. 

Very often blog names are based on what the blog is about. For example, my blog is called Easy Blog Emily because I blog about blogging. Be certain of your blog topic, and your blog name will easily follow! (You can read how to pick an amazing blog name here).

  • Having a blog topic will help you stay focused. 

I can’t tell you how many times on my last blog that I’d read a success story from someone who blogs about personal finance, and thought “Oh! I could start blogging about that….” (newsflash: I know nothing about personal finance!). Now I blog about blogging. That’s it. Nice and clear, and I can stay focused easily.

By having one blog topic, you can stay focused and consistent.

  • Knowing your blog topic = knowing your blog audience.

I blog about blogging. My audience are bloggers/ people who want to be bloggers.

Your blog topic is gluten free food. Your audience will be people who like to cook and are gluten free/ have health problems.

You get my drift. By knowing exactly what you will write about, you will know exactly the kind of people visiting your blog, meaning you can write in a tone to engage them properly and really solve their problems.

And you can have a multi-niche blog, it’ll just mean you have different groups of people interested in different things. So you have to make sure you properly engage these different groups!

  • You will know how to make money.

You have one type of blog reader who is interested in one specific blog topic.

This means you can make money through affiliate marketing as you know there are specific products that all your readers will be interested in. You’ll know what services you can provide for them, and what products you can create and sell. In my opinion, as well as the other benefits listed, having a specific blog topic makes monetising clearer.

Of course the downside to this, as just because you know how to make money it doesn’t mean it will be easy. For example in my niche I write about blogging. People will buy their hosting and maybe a few things here and there to help their blog grow, like themes, blog courses, etc, so I can make money from affiliate marketing. However people are mostly looking for help with blogging, so if I wanted to really earn a decent income, I’d have to start coaching or selling courses.

I’ve only come to this realisation recently, but I want you to know before you even start your blog. Get a blog niche and then you can work out the best way to make money!

  • It’s good for SEO.

I currently rank first for a Google search (find out how you can rank first on Google here). It’s a lot easier to rank higher for certain topics if you blog about that one topic, as Google crawls your site and finds you’re a bit of an expert on this and bumps you up. There are exceptions to this, but I do think I’ve ranked first for a post on Pinterest because so many of my posts are about Pinterest.


Straight up, there is no blog topic you can pick and be guaranteed to make money blogging. Your blog is what you make of it, and just because lots of people make money blogging about that topic does not mean you will.

You can check out some of the many income reports from bloggers here. Some I’ve read include a food blogger who makes $30,000+ per month, a mom blogger making $10,000 a month, and someone who blogs about blogging earning $10,000.

However, remember there are lots of other blogs in these niches. You just don’t here the stories about failed bloggers. Only the successful ones!

So keep in mind no matter what you blog about, if you want to make money you probably can. But only you can do it.


If you’re anything like I was starting my first blog, you have a whole bunch of ideas and possible blog topics and you’re not sure which to actually go with. Now we’re going to identify possible topics for your blog that are realistic.

1. Write the things you could possibly write about

Any topic you think you could start a blog with, write it down, each on a separate page. Think broad generic topics here, like beauty, health, fitness, DIY, etc.

2. For each blog topic, write possible categories

So for my blog I blog about blogging, but within that I write about Pinterest, branding, how to get blog traffic and more. Writing possible categories for each blog topic will help you to realise which one has the most potential for you. Under each possible blog topic, write down categories you could write about that are more specific.

3. Write as many post titles as possible for each topic

This is something I did before I started this blog to be sure I could think of things to write about on blogging. I wrote down around 20 possible titles before I’d even started. This was confirmation for me that I wouldn’t quickly run out of things to write about if I had a blog about blogging.

For each blog topic write possible blog post titles. These do not have to be specific. but if they are it’s even better.


Now you should have anywhere between two to quite a few pages worth of possible blog topics and post titles. We need to narrow down to two that are the best, but ideally one.

1. Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing each topic

You can now start to narrow down to a blog topic by thinking of the pros and cons to picking each. Advantages can include things like:

  • I had lots of post titles ideas for this blog topic
  • I have more experience/ knowledge on this blog topic
  • My skills that are better suited to this blog topic e.g I have good photography skills and I can take good photographs of food for a food blog

Sometimes it helps to actually look at the negatives and eliminate options. Disadvantages can include:

  • I thought of very few post titles for this blog topic
  • My knowledge or personal experience on this blog topic is very little
  • I do not have the required skills it would take to blog on this topic, such as taking photos of food for a food blog

These are just some examples to help make a blog topic more obvious to you.

2. Research what it’s like blogging about these topics

As you’ve presumably never blogged on this topic, you have no idea what it’s going to be like.

Take notes from those who are more experienced on that blog topic than you! Learn more about what it’s like to write about the blog topic you are interested in. You can do this by:

  • Joining support groups on Facebook and reaching out to bloggers.
  • Messaging bloggers directly through their blog or social media and asking them.
  • Finding “what I wish I had known before I started blogging” posts from bloggers who write about your blog topic.

These methods will give you insights into exactly what it’s like blogging about that blog topic, and will either confirm it’s the choice for you or put you off it entirely!

Hopefully by now there are one, two or a few possible blog topics that are jumping out at you. But before you are certain, you need to ask yourself a few questions.


Ask yourself the following questions with your blog topic in mind:

    1. Will my blog topic be relevant in the future?
    1. Can I remain enthusiastic about this topic?
    1. Can I write a lot of posts about this topic?
    1. Will people have problems on this topic that I can answer with my posts?
    1. Am I qualified, have a lot of knowledge or personal experience on this blog topic?
  1. Are there too many blogs on this topic?  

You don’t have to answer all of these, but they should help you to really decide if that’s the right blog topic for you!


I’ve been there myself, and I know it can be quite daunting to pick a definite blog topic. However:

  • Remember some niches can be combined. Certain blog topics go hand in hand, and you can write about the two and combine them into one somehow. For example, DIY hair care and skincare can be combined into a blog just on DIY beauty. If your blog readers are interested in DIY hair care, they are probably also interested in DIY skincare.
  • You can write about multiple niches initially, then narrow down. This will allow you to try multiple blog topics if you can’t really decide and find out which topic you love writing more. Many bloggers do this!
  • Remember it doesn’t have to be your final decision. I had a different blog, and now I blog about a different topic entirely. What you pick now doesn’t have to be what you blog about forever! You can always start a new blog if you find you’re not enjoying your blog topic, branch out and blog about different topics on your blog or just re-brand your blog.


If you’re like me you could spend anywhere from a few days to weeks trying to make a decision on this. Just take a step back, briefly look at the facts rather than getting caught up on it and go with your gut. People waste too much time thinking about the what ifs. Just start blogging! There are no rules to blogging, so if you’ve followed the steps in this post and found you want to blog about 10 different topics, do it.

I hope this post has helped you to pick a niche for your blog. Just remember, it shouldn’t be daunting; starting a blog is supposed to be fun!

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How to pick a blog niche

And now you have your blog topic, check out my ultimate how to start a blog guide for beginners. My only regret is not starting my blog sooner, so now you know what you’re going to be blogging about, start a blog today!

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