How to pick an AMAZING blog name


It can be real difficult to pick a name you love when you start a blog.

In fact, it actually took me almost a month to finally chose the name for my first blog.

And now? I don’t even have that blog anymore. 

So it was a complete waste of time!

But, after starting multiple blogs in various niches, I have learnt my lesson in picking good blog names.

And I’ve made this post to make sure that you pick a blog name you love (much faster than I did).

So you can start your blog today. Not after you’ve wasted too much time just picking what to call it! (Because trust me, you will want to focus your little time and energy elsewhere when it comes to starting a blog).

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How to pick a Good Name for your blog


In this post, I’ll be telling you:

  • Why picking a blog name is important
  • What makes a good blog name
  • What to avoid
  • How to pick one
  • What to do if you’re struggling to pick a blog name
  • What to do after you’ve picked one

Let’s get to it and find a blog name you love ready for you to start a blog!


When you pick a blog name, it’s an important decision for a few reasons:

  • It makes the difference between a successful blog and a blog that fails

Think of a blog you love. Is the name good?

I bet you answered yes, and that’s for a reason. All the “successful” blogs- the ones with readers, subscribers, and that make money- have good names.

So, a good blog name can be the make it or break it of your blog. Why? Because:

  • It changes the way people perceive your blog

People make snap decisions, and if your blog name doesn’t sound professional, you can bet they’re going to presume your blog isn’t either.

  • It changes the way you perceive your blog

This surprises people, but if you pick a blog name you don’t love, the feelings seep through to your whole blog.

How do I know?

I had a separate blog at first, and I wasn’t sure on the name. It resulted in me not putting my all into it, and eventually I called it quits and started this blog (which I love the name for!).

Obviously that was due to other factors too, but it can start with something as small as your blog name. And if you want to turn your blog into a profitable business (who doesn’t want to make money doing something they love?), you’ve got to make sure you see it as a professional business beforehand.

And that starts with your blog name.

  • It sets the tone for your blog

Your blog name gives people expectations of what the rest of your blog will be like.

For example, if your blog is called something like “Calm with Carys” and is all about relaxation, people will expect your blog to be calming. So to properly engage that target audience, you wouldn’t write in an energetic tone or use bright neon colours (definitely not calm!).

My blog name Easy Blog Emily. You get the idea that I blog about blogging and I try to make it easy to understand. So I make sure my writing isn’t stuffy or over complicated. It just wouldn’t make sense!

  • It saves time and effort changing it later

It’s always a good idea to pick a blog name you love right at the start. Deciding you dislike it after you’ve started your blog and grown your audience can be a lot of hassle.

So now you know why you need a good blog name, what actually makes a good name?


A blog name has one (or all) of the following traits:

  • Has alliteration or is easy to abbreviate. This isn’t necessary but really helps to make a good blog name! Alliteration or easy abbreviation makes it catchy and easy to simplify into a cute lil’ logo, like mine below:

EBE logo example

  • Can easily be remembered. A blog name is good if someone can leave your blog and remember what it was called a while later to come back to it.
  • Is short and simple. The more words you use, the harder you make it to remember, and the less catchy it is. A short blog name is sweet, simple and easy to search for!
  • Has relevance to the blog. Don’t call your blog “Sally loves cakes” if it’s not about cakes. If you mention cake, then people will want cake! It also helps to keep your blog focused.
  • Is in English. Not everyone speaks it, but it’s one of the most spoken languages in the world. Unless your blog is about languages or you’re writing for a specific nationality, it’s a safe bet having your blog name in English.
  • Has meaning. If someone asks you “how did you come up with your blog name?” you’re going to want to be able answer. Otherwise you just seem a bit silly (speaking from experience).
  • Is original. Just hearing a word can make you think of a certain brand. For example, if you called your blog Mac Donald if that was your name, people will just think of McDonald’s. It would be really hard to build a strong brand to stop them thinking of Maccys and think of your blog instead!


Now you know what your blog name needs, here’s what you should avoid when you pick a blog name:

  • Having lots of words. Your blog name won’t be memorable or catchy if it’s practically a sentence.
  • Having long words. It takes away from the simplicity. For my blog name my longest word is only five letters!
  • Using too many stop words. Stop words are a SEO term, and basically mean words like ‘for’, ‘that’, ‘and’… The list of actual stop words is massive, but you understand the type of word I mean. Stop words in your blog name makes it less memorable; people will remember “Sunny Saturdays” more than “Saturday is a sunny day” because it has less of these little pointless words. 
  • Picking one that’s similar to another blog. You will lose a lot of traffic with people trying to search for your blog name, spelling it slightly wrong and ending up on another blog with a close name.
  • Using one that’s complicated. Again, making it complex will make it hard to remember, harder to search for, and more difficult to explain when people ask why that’s your blog name.

Now you know what makes a good blog name, and what to avoid. So let’s get to it; here’s how to pick a blog name!


These are the exact steps I took to pick a blog name that I still love months into blogging.


Before you make any sort of decision, it should be well researched.

  • Look at blog names you like. This is not cheating- it’s just getting inspo! Look at other blogs in your niche (or blogs you admire if you don’t have a blog topic) as a starting point.
  • Look at blog names you dislike. Yes, you can actually reach a decision by thinking about the negatives rather than the positives. If you read a blog name and think “absolutely not”, think why you don’t like it and make sure your blog name doesn’t have it.


Hopefully you have a rough idea of what you want to call your blog. But if you don’t:

  • Consider your target audience. Think about who you are writing for. You should know roughly who’s going to be reading your blog, or who you want reading it. Consider this type of person, and what sort of words they’d use themselves e.g lots of people with curly hair call themselves “curlies”, so that would be a good starting point for a blog about curly hair.


It’s time to start writing some stuff down.

  • Write down your niche if you have one. Your blog name needs to be relevant, so it helps to have what you’re going to write about on your blog as a starting point for your blog name. For my blog, I knew I was going to write about blogging. (If you don’t know what you’re going to write about or you don’t have a specific niche, skip step three altogether).
  • Write subcategories you will write about. Example: writing about being a mom is vague. If you already know as a mom you’re going to be writing about crafts for kids and how to balance work and mom life, then great! Write them down. (If you don’t know, then don’t worry too much, they will come in time).


We need to have some actual ideas now.

  • Write down initial ideas. You should now have a lot of random words jotted down. Start combining them and editing them slightly until you have a list of potential blog names you could use.


You might have quite a large list of possible blog names now.

  • Shortlist them. It sounds negative, but rather than think about the reasons I should have each possible blog name, I tend to look at why I shouldn’t. This just helps me to rule out which ones are definitely not suitable.


  • Consider what your blog will become. You will need your blog name across social media, on logos, everything. So if you think one blog name will look better as a logo, or one will sound better on social media, go with that.


So you think you’ve found a blog name. Now you need to know you can definitely have it:

  • Check it’s available. There’s no point in using a blog name if it’s not available! I used namecheckr to see if my blog name was available and if I could use it across social media.

If it’s available, you have your blog name! If not, go back a few steps and start thinking about another name.


DO NOT PANIC! I know I’ve made it seem like picking a blog name is a massive deal, but it’s really not. I’ve seen some successful blogs with not so great blog names, and you can always change it if you realise you don’t like it later on!

If you’re struggling, I suggest you do the following:

  • Take a break. I always find I spend ages picking an outcome if I’ve just spent ages doing the work leading up to it. Take a break and come back to it.
  • Sleep on it. Even better is to just leave it and to pick your blog name after a good nights sleep with a clear head. Nothing like being tired to make you indecisive!
  • Try not to overthink it. Lemme tell you, you’re going to have to make a lot of creative decisions if you’re going to be a blogger! This is the first hurdle- don’t waste time. Just pick a name and move on.
  • Ask for other people’s opinions. I’m someone who finds the opinions of others useful when it comes to making a decision. Ask your friends or family for their help, or even people online. You can check out my list of Facebook groups for bloggers and ask for help there.
  • Remember, nobody knows the other options.  It’s a different situation, but when I have to pick what to wear for an event, I have to remind myself that nobody knows what my other choice of outfit was! People just see the final thing, and in this case, your final blog name.

If you’re still really struggling, the last thing I suggest you do is:


It sounds like an easy way out, but I’m such a fan of people using their names as their blog names because:

  • It’s original.
  • It’s unique to you.
  • You don’t have to write about a certain topic.
  • Your blog readers will get to know you quicker.

That’s exactly how I came up with my blog name, and I really hope it helps you to pick an amazing blog name and start a successful blog.

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5 reasons you need a good blog name

And if you’ve got your blog name and it’s available, then you need to act quick and get your domain name registered now whilst it’s still available.

I show you how to do this as part of my how to start a blog guide, which is over 3000 words long and shows you exactly how to start a blog (with screenshots). So you can have your own blog (with a name you LOVE) up and running today!


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