I’m not ashamed to say that when I started my first blog, my goal was to one day make money blogging.

I’d stumbled across a blogging income report by mistake, and I was amazed people were actually make an income from blogging.

So after I read many more income reports to make sure it wasn’t a fluke (and it wasn’t – so many people were making money blogging across different niches!) I decided that one day I wanted to make money blogging full-time.

If they were doing it, why couldn’t I?

But if getting people to read your blog is difficult, actually making money from it is even harder! And I spent months (perhaps even years…) not making a single penny from blogging.

But as time went by and I learnt more about building an audience and monetizing my blog, I finally started to see some income from my blog.

Nothing spectacular – just a few affiliate sales here and there. But enough for me to realize making money blogging was legit (as in, I saw the money from the sales in my bank account!), and I became even more determined to make make it work for me. 

And over time, instead of sporadic sales I was seeing here and there, I started to make a small amount each month thanks to ads on my blog.

Eventually, after trying and testing different methods, I learnt how to monetize my blog in a way that was best for me and my audience.

I gained enough confidence to sell products alongside affiliate marketing, and also offer paid for services (after all, I’d learnt a lot from blogging, and my skills would be helpful to other bloggers!).

And before long, my blogging income started to increase.

In fact, I reached a point where I was making as much money from blogging and being a Pinterest manager as I was in my day job (and working less hours too).

So eventually I quit!

And now, I’m pleased to say I’m a full-time blogger and Pinterest manager.

Below you’ll find my best tips for making money blogging I discovered on my journey to doing this full-time.

I really hope they help you monetize your blog! 

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