8 Pinterest mistakes hurting your account

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Pinterest can be blog changing when it comes to getting more traffic.

Seriously- now get over 14k pageviews a month from Pinterest alone. And that’s in quite a small niche of blogging!

If you’re a blogger and you’re not in Pinterest yet, you need to start now.

If you have no clue where to start, I’ve created a free course called Easy Pinterest with Emily.

It will teach you how to go from Pinterest beginner to pro pinner.

You can read more about it here, or sign up below!

But what if you’re already on Pinterest, but not seeing the results you hear all the other bloggers gush about?

It might be because you are making some serious Pinterest mistakes.

I was on Pinterest for months before I realised my pinning technique could actually get my account banned!

So if you’re not getting the most out of Pinterest for your blog or biz, make sure you’re not making any of these 8 Pinterest mistakes below.


These aren’t in any particular order.

BUT, the first one I think is the most important.

Because if you’re doing this, you might be marked as spam.


This is a BIG no no!

When I first started on Pinterest, I had a list of all my group boards on my phone. Then throughout the day, I would pick one pin and pin it to all my different group boards, ticking off each one as I went.

But this is a BIG mistake.

Not only does it mean all your pins are not getting equal exposure, but it also makes you account look like a spam one.

So if you are constantly sharing the same pin throughout the day, stop making this Pinterest mistake now. Before you lose your account for good!

Not only that, but manually pinning throughout the day was seriously time consuming.

Now I use Tailwind, a scheduler for Pinterest.

Not only does it save me time having all my pins scheduled for the week, but using Tailwind is also much better for SEO.

Which brings me onto the next big mistake that pinners make.


Pinterest is not only a social media platform. It’s also a search engine.

So just like Google, people will visit Pinterest to search for recipes, outfit inspo, etc.

And what this means is your can optimise your images, boards and profile to show first for certain searches.

SEO seems to scare new bloggers off, as they think they need to be really tech savvy to get it right.

But this is not the case!

Especially when it comes to Pinterest- you just need to learn about keywords. And not only what they are and where to put them, but how to use them with a pinners intent in mind to get the best results.

This is something I cover in my Pinterest guide about viral pins.

Gaining viral pins transformed by Pinterest account- I now have a reach of over 1 million, and get 150+ followers a week. It also majorly increased my blog traffic.

And SEO is a big part of making your pins go viral.

So if you’re yet to really understand SEO for Pinterest and want to start getting viral pins, make sure to check out the guide here!


This is a MASSIVE mistake to make.

Because simply put- nobody wants to share an image if it doesn’t look good!

And if nobody is sharing your pins, you will not get much success on Pinterest.

This is why I created a huge section on pin design in the viral pin guide.

I know design takes time to learn. So I wanted to teach pinners how to design gorgeous pins that go viral, rather than them having to spend months or years learning it for themselves.


Title pins are pins with your blog post titles on them (there are loads of different types of pins you can create, which I cover in the guide).

But a big Pinterest mistake is making the titles on your pins boring. Because if they aren’t written in a creative and engaging way, they will not be shared!

So start trying to spice up your pin titles so they are more engaging.

Again, in The Viral Pin guide I will teach you how to create titles that are more exciting and really engage pinners.


This is a mistake I can understand, because I struggle with it myself.

But not pinning enough can be negatively effecting your blog traffic.

It’s a difficult one because really, there is not a set amount everyone should be pinning. It varies from pinner to pinner depending on how many of your pins are already popular.

For example, I have a handful of viral pins. And now, even if I don’t pin for a day, I will still get a few hundred page views from Pinterest.

BUT I have noticed that on the days I aim to pin around 30 to 40 pins (much more than the 10-20 pins a day I usually share) I get waay more traffic.

I’ve heard of some bloggers who get 30,000+ page views a month pinning 80+ times a day (although I’m not sure if this is a good idea just in case Pinterest blocks your account for spam).

And although that might seem like a lot, remember that it’s not like Instagram where you can see every image that is shared by a person in a feed.

So it is unlikely you will annoy your followers by pinning too much.

Plus if you’re a new blogger that amount might be far to much, as you don’t have that many pins of your own to share.

But I’m now up to almost 60 blog posts and at least 5 pins for each post. So that’s around 300 pins of my own to work with.

And those who have much larger blogs with hundreds of posts will no doubt have more pins to work with.

So if you’re struggling to get traffic from Pinterest, try sharing your own pins more!


This is one of the lesser known Pinterest mistakes to make. But did you know there are certain times you should be pinning to engage more pinner and get the most out of Pinterest?

A large proportion of Pinterest users (over half) are American.

So if you think like the average American, it is best to be pinning your images after finishing a normal 9-5 work day (so between 5 and 10 pm in America).

I personally have noticed my blog traffic spikes between 2 am and 3 am, which is between those hours in America. Which makes sense because I blog about blogging, and most of my audience is American (blogging isn’t massive in the UK as of yet).

Obviously this will vary depending on whether you audience is global or very specific to the area of your blog and business.

It will also depend on what you blog about- I notice a dip in traffic Friday and Saturday as people are presumably enjoying their weekend and not blogging. But then a spike when people are working on their blogs in the evening after work.

So perhaps if you blog about fashion for example, you will have more traffic over the weekend when people are looking for outfit inspo instead of wearing work uniform.

But it is very niche dependent- so its important to pin on when’s optimal for you and your blogging audience!

This can take quite some time and effort to work out by yourself.

But this is another reason I love Tailwind; it analyses when your pins perform the best, and suggests time slots for when to schedule pins based on when your pins perform well.

Go Tailwind!


This mistake is not as big as the others, in my opinion.

That’s because for some bloggers, group boards are such an important part of their strategy and they would not get any exposure on their pins without them.

BUT having said that, I think too much importance in placed on them.

Sure, if you’re new to Pinterest with no followers, they can help increase your exposure.

But they are certainly not essential for a good pinning strategy.

I am in a few group boards now, but I actually managed to double my blog traffic despite leaving ALL my group boards a few months ago.

So if my Pinterest reach was good and blog traffic from Pinterest was actually improving without using group boards, clearly they are not as important as I once thought.

I think this is especially true once you have built your account up to a certain level of followers.

I now have over 4000 followers, and I always find my pins perform better in my personal boards compared to group ones.

And in actual fact, sometimes group boards do more harm than good.

As lots of them are not SEO optimised, so when you are sharing your pins to them you are not improving the SEO of your pins.

So whilst I used to be in around 30 or 40 group boards, I am now much more picky. I only stay in “good” group boards that are SEO optimised.

Plus with Tailwind you get access to Tailwind Tribes, which are like a better version of group boards.

So I don’t really need to use group boards as a major part of my pinning strategy.

So don’t think you need to be spending all your time on them!


This is the last of the Pinterest mistakes, but it is pretty big!

If you are not actively trying to learn more about Pinterest, you are making a mistake.

Because there is always room to grow and deepen your knowledge.

I have been using Pinterest for marketing for over 2 years now, and I have taken numerous free Pinterest courses in that time and also invested in paid for courses.

And whilst I recently started to feel like I was benefitting much from purchasing courses and wanted to create my own, I can’t deny that every time I take a paid for course, I learn something new!

So even if you have been on Pinterest for years and know it all, don’t feel like you cannot learn more about Pinterest.

Because the people who are creating them are sharing information that has taken them years to learn.

And time is money, so it’s worth investing wherever you can!

So if you are looking for a Pinterest guide you can check out mine here, or if you’re not currently able to invest, take Easy Pinterest with Emily for free instead 🙂


I hope you have learnt a lot from this post.

Or if you have realised you are making some Pinterest mistakes, you are able to rectify these and grow your account!

And if you need more help, check out these other Pinterest tips you might enjoy:

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