How to start a blog
How to start a blog- a beginners guide
How to start a blog- the ultimate guide

Looking to start a blog but don’t know how? You’re in the right place!

These posts are written for anyone trying to start a blog about any topic. I take you through the basics like how to publish your first post, but also the more advanced stuff like installing WordPress.

The tutorials use screenshots so you can follow along, but please comment or get in touch if you need any further help. I’d be happy to give you guidance based on my experience!

How to pick an amazing blog name
Thinking of starting a blog, but struggling to pick a name? It can be real difficult to pick a name
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10 best WordPress plugins (that are FREE)
Want to know the best WordPress plugins for bloggers that are free? As a blogger, I would constantly read other
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Tips for making images that will get repinned on Pinterest
Want know how to design a viral pin for Pinterest? When I had my first pin go viral, I was
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How to create a logo (for free)
  Want to create a logo for free? Starting a blog has been amazing. I’ve earned money doing something I love,
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10 best feminine WordPress themes
Need a beautiful feminine WordPress theme for your blog? No coding required, WordPress themes have been one of the simpler
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How to add ‘secret images’ to blog posts
Secret images. This is a largely unknown but simple trick to get way more blog traffic. I’ve only recently started
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(2019 EDIT) How to make Pinterest boards and add covers
This post is tutorial showing you how to create a board and add Pinterest board covers. But firstly, why do
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The secret to using keywords on Pinterest
Lemme tell you straight; if you’re not using keywords through your Pinterest, you’ll never get decent traffic from Pinterest to
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How to get rich pins
Want to get rich pins? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Pinterest is amazing when it comes
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What makes an image stand out on Pinterest
Everyone wants their images to stand out on Pinterest. It’s so disappointing to put loads of time into creating a
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