APRIL INCOME REPORT: How I made $1,826 blogging (whilst working full-time)

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Wow- what a month!

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’m based in the UK and have been working my full-time job (40 hours a week) from home since the end of March.

This was my first full month working from home, whilst also trying to blog.

And I’d be lying if I said it was easy.

I’ve really been struggling to find the time to do it all!

And after having another month earning over $1000 from my blog in March, I was certain it wasn’t going to happen again.

However, I am absolutely ecstatic to share that I have had my highest earning month from my blog yet.

Over $1800!!


I know you might be reading this wondering why I’d even share what I earn on my blog.

But there isn’t much information out there about bloggers really making money and how they do it.

So I hope that by showing you my blogging income, I assure you that making money blogging can be done.

And if I can do it, there’s no reason you can’t either!


Now, just because you can make money blogging, it does NOT mean that;

  • It is easy to do. It took me MONTHS before I finally started to make any money from my blog, and it took even longer to make a decent amount from it.
  • The income is consistent. I’m about to link all my previous income reports, and you’ll notice that the money I earn is not guaranteed OR consistent.

In fact, I had my first $1000 and was thrilled… But then went back to earning around $800 a month for a few months after.

But here are all my previous blogging income reports!

You can see less than a year ago, I earned around $300 from my blog…

So to have earned over $1800 this month is amazing!

And I’m super proud that all the work I have put into my blog is finally paying off.

So here it is- my blogging income report!


I always share my current blogging stats in each income report to show you don’t need a massive following or loads of page views to make money blogging!

Below are my current stats:


Pinterest is the sole reason I’ve made any money online!

It is so amazing for helping bloggers get traffic.

My Pinterest account is the focus of my traffic strategy, and in April I reached:

  • 9,111 followers (+618)
  • 2.1 million monthly viewers (+0.2 million)

My account has gone up quite a bit this month.

In March I only gained around 400 followers, so over 600 this month is pretty good.

Plus I gained an extra 0.2 million monthly unique viewers!

So until I work on improving my Pinterest strategy, I’m expecting to gain around 400-600 followers a month, and hover between a reach of 1 million and 2 million.

So I’m certainly not complaining!


In my last report I wrote I was a bit gutted with the decrease in traffic I saw in March…

So I’m glad to see it’s back up:

My traffic is actually up in all areas, which is nice!

I just really want more traffic than this in the long term, so I can grow my income.


So I gained more new subscribers than usual this month!

And DO NOT WORRY- I know the unsub count looks crazy higher than I normally report!

But I’m getting close to the maximum amount of subscribers I’m allowed on my current email plan, before I have to pay more to upgrade.

So I’ve been clearing out my list more regularly.

But again- I still need to up my email strategy to gain more subscribers each month somehow.


So here it is: a breakdown of my blogging income for April.

(Side note: this is income before expenses. Some affiliate products have a 30-day refund policy, and this is income earned for the month, not necessarily paid out).

April 2020 Blogging Income report

Blogging Her Way (affiliates)$77.60
Bluehost (affiliates)$420
VA ninja (affiliates)$56.24
Advertising income $89.34
 Product sales  $234.21
 Services  $949.50

Here’s a closer look at my income streams:


Below are all the screenshots of my affiliate earnings for the month:

This has been amazing for me in terms of affiliate marketing!

As last month I made under $200 from affiliate marketing…

So to have made over double that from just one affiliate programme is crazy!

However, this is why I don’t see affiliate income as a secure form of income yet- next month I could go back to earning less than $200 from affiliate marketing.

But I’m thankful that I am able to earn this money passively, and I know there is potential to make sure my affiliate earning is consistent month to month.

So it is in my long term plans to refine my affiliate strategy!


So this month my passive income from ads TANKED:

I’ve had months of earning over $140 from ads with similar traffic to this month, so there’s no denying this has decreased drastically.

And the annoying thing is there is nothing I can do.

My RPM has gone down massively (it used to be almost $10)…

So basically even if I did get a load of page views, my income would still not be as much as it could be if there wasn’t a pandemic right now (and my RPM was normal).

But I do want to work to get more blog page views eventually- I know of bloggers who make double my total blogging income this month from ads alone, which is just crazy!


Last month AND the month before I said I was unhappy with the income I’d made from my product sales…

But this month I’ve made the most income from product sales I’ve ever had!

You can see I made product sales pretty much each day for half of April (on and off), and I’m really pleased to see people are buying my products without me doing anything at all to achieve this.

No sales, no promotion, nothing.

Just all the work I’ve put in previously (setting up tripwires, email automation, etc) has resulted in this income in April.

So I’m super pleased to see the true power of passive income.

And I’m really excited to see what I can earn in the future when I have more products to offer, and create a stronger sales strategy!


(I have stopped showing screenshots of my service income to protect client details. But please trust me in that I had 5 clients this month, and earned $949.50!).

I am really happy with this form of income.

It feels like the most secure and consistent income out of all the different income streams I have on my blog, and I really enjoy working with my clients!

Having said that

I’m super gutted to say that next month I am pausing my contracts with one of my clients.

They are in the travel niche, and it just doesn’t make sense from a business perspective to continue with management right now.

So whilst my income will go down next month, this client has made it clear they want to carry on working together again once everything goes back to normal.

I also want to note that whilst I’m super happy with this form of income right now, my goal is to gain X 4 more clients.

As then I’ll be earning the same amount from my full-time job just from services alone!

And any product sales, affiliate income or ad income will be extra.

So I’m happy for now, but know I want more.

I’ve actually spoken to around 4 potential clients this month, but nothing solid has been confirmed yet (some were travel bloggers and now just isn’t the right time, some didn’t work out- with business there will be a hundred no’s before you get your first yes!).

But I know that if I can gain 3 clients in a single month (which I did earlier this year), I can definitely find 4 more to match my full-time income.


My blogging expenses are actually quite high for a blogger!

But here are my monthly expenses:

Blog Hosting $34.95 p/m
Tailwind $19.92 p/m
Mailerlite$15 p/m (could be $9.53 if paid annually)
SendOwl$15 p/m
Canva Pro$12.95 p/m ($9.95 if paid annually)
Gsuite$6.19 p/m
Total$104.10 p/m ($95.54 if paid annually)

Here’s a breakdown of what each expense is:

  • BLOG HOSTING: I couldn’t run my blog without this, but I recently paid for more expensive hosting to make my blog load faster. Blog hosting is definitely an essential expense, but you can start a blog for under $4 a month by following my start a blog guide here.
  • TAILWIND: I love Tailwind so much that I bought a plan with more features, which has helped to increase my reach. But you don’t need to spend almost $20 a month on it- you can schedule 100 pins for free.
  • MAILERLITE: Email marketing has become essential for me, and I wouldn’t be able to make money blogging without it. I recommend Mailerlite because you can add images to your email. Whilst I pay for mine, it’s actually free for up to 1000 subscribers. Plus you can get a $20 referral fee when you sign up here.
  • SENDOWL: This is the platform I use to sell my guide on. I pay $15 a month to have the option to add more products and sign up affiliates, but the basic plan allows you to sell 10 digital products for just $9 a month.
  • CANVA PRO: I was already super happy with the free version of Canva, and I think if you’re a normal blogger you won’t really need Canva pro! But as I’m a Pinterest manager, it really helps to have access to more of the stock photos and fonts Canva pro offers (so I can create awesome pins for my clients!).
  • GSUITE: I’m certain there’s a way of doing this for free so you don’t need to pay for it, but I pay for Gsuite to have an email address that’s my website (aka emily@easyblogemily.com rather than easyblogemily@gmail.com as it’s more professional!).

But most new bloggers would spend less than $20 a month (as Tailwind isn’t even a necessity for Pinterest, you’d only need SendOwl if you wanted to sell a digital product, Mailerlite is free for up to 1000 subscribers and you don’t need Canva Pro at all! So really you’d only need blog hosting and perhaps Gsuite).

So you can see expenses are low in terms of profit and other business costs!


I always share my blogging goals, so I can hopefully look back in the future and see how far I’ve come.

So these are my long term blogging goals:

  • Have consistent $2k months. My long term goal originally was to earn $1k a month consistently, and now I’ve done that a few times I think I need to push myself a bit more. So I haven’t achieved this just yet, but I’m getting close!
  • Gain 4 more Pinterest clients. My long term goal is to gain another 4 clients so I can comfortably earn more than I do in my full-time job from my blog.
  • Gain 10k sessions from SEO. This is still a long way off, but I bought a blogging course for SEO this month and I really hope it will help when I get round to going through it!
  • Reach 50k sessions a month. This will up my passive income from ads considerably.
  • Build more of a community and help beginner bloggers. My long term goal is to help new bloggers and make blogging easy. I’m honestly thrilled that I’ve gone from not knowing what WordPress is to almost matching my full-time income from blogging, and now it’s my mission to help other people do the same!


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my April blogging income report.

As I’m so excited to see my blogging income growing.

And hopefully I will be able to continue!


Remember if you need more help making money with your blog:



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