What it’s REALLY like being a Pinterest VA?

If you want to make money blogging, you’ve probably thought about adding services to your blog or website.

Because passive income is the ultimate income. The kind where you wake up to emails letting you know you’ve made money (yes, this really happens. You can read my blogging income report to see how most of it was passive).

BUT, passive income can take time.

And if you want to start making money blogging ASAP, one of the best ways is to start offering services on your blog.

Now, as much as I’m thrilled to be making passive income with my blog, I also decided to started offering services on EBE.

One of which is Pinterest management.


Because I love using Pinterest to grow my blog- I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict, and I feel like I’ve reached the point where I want to help other people with my knowledge.

I get almost 150 followers every week, and I have a reach of over 1 million monthly viewers! And I know this skill could be beneficial to other bloggers or business owners.

But when I told my subscribers I was starting to offer this services, many of them didn’t know what a Pinterest VA was!

So whether you want to become a Pinterest VA now, or you’re interested in knowing more about what they do, this post is about what it’s really like to be a Pinterest VA.


To start, it might be helpful to know generally what a VA actually is.

A VA is a virtual assistant.

So if you were to offer VA services, you would virtually assist someone with a service in exchange for money.

There are tonnes of different VA services you can offer, such as email, admin, book keeping, etc.

But one you might not have heard of is a Pinterest VA.


A Pinterest VA is like a very specialised social media manager.

They manage another person’s or businesses Pinterest account.


A full-time income!

Believe it or not, with enough clients you can make a full-time income by managing other people’s Pinterest accounts.


Becoming a Pinterest VA does not require a lot.

To become one, all you need is:

  1. A website so you can book potential clients and gain new leads. If you haven’t started your own website yet, you can read my free guide here.
  2. A laptop or computer to do your work on.
  3. Knowledge of Pinterest. You can’t offer your expertise and grow other people’s Pinterest accounts if you don’t know how to use the platform!

If you’re interested in learning how to use Pinterest so you can one day become a VA (or even just to learn how to get more traffic to your own blog or biz), make sure to sign up for my free email course Easy Pinterest with Emily.

It’ll teach you how to go from Pinterest beginner to pro pinner- you can read more about it here, or just sign up below to start learning now!


I’m pretty new to offering Pinterest services, and I rely on other forms of income streams to make money from blogging right now.

But, someone who is a Pinterest VA pro is my friend Amanda from Simply Amanda.

She has been a full-time Pinterest manager for over a year now.

And she is here to tell you a little bit more about it!

1. Tell us about yourself 🙂

Hey! My name is Amanda and I run Simply Amanda.

I teach women how to turn their hobby blogs into full-blown online businesses using Pinterest marketing, and my own tried and tested blogging strategies.

I’m also a full-time Pinterest Account Manager!

2. Tell us about your blog- when you started, why you started, etc

My blog actually started off as a beauty blog!

A lot of people might not realize that – and I actually never went back and deleted my old blog posts so if you go back far enough, you can find it!

I had a passion for makeup (still do!) so I started my blog as a hobby while I was in college as a fun escape from the heavy workload of full-time school and a part-time job.

A few months into my blogging journey, I decided I wanted to take it more seriously and grow my traffic.

And while I was researching how to do that, I basically hit a goldmine of information on the internet!

I didn’t even know blogging could turn into a full-time business, but when I discovered that it was indeed a thing – I was hooked on making that my reality.

I eventually started trying out different strategies and monetizing my blog. It was a really great side hustle for a while!

Then, I discovered one of my favorite blogs to date talking about how she used Pinterest to grow her blog.

I decided to give that a shot and I got incredible results, so for some reason I felt like I just had to share that!

Then, I started getting more and more people asking me how I got started on Pinterest, how I grew my blog and how I was able to make money.

When I realized people really wanted to hear this from me, I decided to rebrand the blog to what it is today!

3. Your VA background- when did you realise being a VA was actually a thing, and when did you become a Pinterest VA?

So that same blogger that I learned all about Pinterest from shared on her blog that she was able to go full-time in her business by managing Pinterest accounts for other bloggers.

I honestly had no clue people actually did this, and I even had my doubts on how much income it could really bring in because it was such a specific service!

I had reservations about it and kept it at the back of my mind – not taking it seriously.

But then she announced that she created a course for learning how to become a Pinterest Manager and that really got me interested and I figured “why not?”.

Pinterest is really my passion and something I enjoy so if I could do that as my job, that would be a dream come true.

After much back and forth (and many pro/con lists later), I decided to enroll.

And after taking the course, I was able to land my first client a few months later and officially went full-time 6 months after taking her course!

4. How do your services affect your blogging income?

Offering services has been a game-changer and has truly been the thing that allowed me to go full-time with my business.

I had been making money from my blog through other monetization methods like ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc, but it was a very slow process to make a significant amount at the beginning.

I knew offering services could get me to full-time blogging in a shorter time frame!

Now I always recommend to my readers – if you want to monetize quickly and go full-time with your blog, definitely consider offering services while you continue to grow your blog as well.

5. How do you find your clients?

To be completely honest, I hardly promote my services as much as I should be.

I get most of my clients organically through Google or through word of mouth from my current/past clients!

6. What’s your schedule like as a VA and blogger?

I work 4 days a week and for about 25-30 hours!

I’m super flexible with my schedule though. I try to work when it feels right and I’m inspired and I take a step back when I need to.

I wanted to build a business that allowed me to have more time and freedom for family and my personal life so that’s why I try to keep a light schedule.

7. As a VA but also a blogger publishing content regularly, how do you find time to do it all?! How do you keep the balance?

Love this question!!

Having an editorial calendar is KEY.

I have a spreadsheet with all my pre-planned blog content on it. It’s basically a running list of ideas and whenever I have a new idea, I add it on.

Every month, I look at my editorial calendar and choose what content I want to publish. Then, I go to my paper planner and give them deadlines on my calendar.

I try to write my blog posts ahead of time and schedule them out but that doesn’t always happen. I publish posts once a week but sometimes I catch myself writing them the day of!

My main focus is always on my clients and working on their projects first. I have a lot of systems in place to streamline my Pinterest work and get things done quickly. So once all those tasks are done, I then focus on blog content.

Some weeks I don’t publish anything and that’s okay too. I try not to be too hard on myself about it and just follow my intuition.

8. If you had any advice for yourself back before you started, what would it be?

YES! I wish I had gone into offering services earlier.

Doing so really changed the course of my entire life.

I was working so many dead-end jobs before this that I absolutely hated. I am SO grateful to be able to call this blog my job!

I’d also tell myself to relax and not get so worked up about the little things. I’m more carefree now meanwhile before, I used to hustle so hard and put in so many hours doing the wrong things for little to no return.

I think it’s really important to be productive and focus on tasks that actually move the needle and grow your business!


I hope you have enjoyed this insight into what it’s like to be a full time Pinterest manager!

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