How to start a blog
How to start a blog- a beginners guide
How to start a blog- the ultimate guide

Looking to start a blog but don’t know how? You’re in the right place!

These posts are written for anyone trying to start a blog about any topic. I take you through the basics like how to publish your first post, but also the more advanced stuff like installing WordPress.

The tutorials use screenshots so you can follow along, but please comment or get in touch if you need any further help. I’d be happy to give you guidance based on my experience!

THE BEST post titles to get more Pinterest traffic
As a lot of my traffic is from Pinterest, I need to make sure that my pins not only look
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How to get paid to pin on Pinterest (with Dale from Blogging Her Way)
Want to Get Paid to Pin on Pinterest? I’m really excited to bring you an interview with Dale, the mastermind
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How I made my first £50 blogging
I’ve finally made my first bit of money blogging! I’m so proud to be writing this. Although my blog is
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The images your blog needs to get traffic
Images and blogging? One of the things I wish I had known before I started a blog and something you
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Why your blog needs a sidebar (and what needs to be in it)
Looking at other bloggers, I noticed most of them had a blog sidebar. What does that mean exactly? Instead of
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What pages your blog needs to earn money blogging
Want to earn money blogging today? One of the most important things to make money from your blog that people
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Make your Pinterest look AMAZING in 10 easy steps
Want to make your Pinterest look professional? The people with lots of Pinterest followers have them for a reason. It’s
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How to save money blogging
Need to save money blogging? If you’re a blogger you’ll know that the cost of blogging can quickly add up.
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5 feminine colour palettes (free download)
Need help with your colour palette for your blog? You’re trying to create a beautiful feminine look for your blog,
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Should you brand your pins? The answer might surprise you!
If you’re a blogger, you’ll know how important branding is. It’s the difference between a professional blog that makes money
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