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CLICK HERE to be taken to Bluehost.

You will be shown this page:

Click “Get Started”.


Then you will need to pick one of the Bluehost packages.

I recommend picking Basic.

It’s the cheapest option, and has all the features you will need for your first blog.

But you are welcome to select a different package.

Click “Select” on your chosen plan, and then you will need to create your domain name.


If you are starting a new blog and do not currently own a domain, enter your blog name on the left hand side.

You can check if the name you want to call your blog is available as a domain name and across social media using namecheckr.


You just enter what you want to call your blog at the top, and it’ll tell you what domain name endings (.com or for example) and social media platforms your blog name is available on.

Once you’ve found one that’s available, enter it on the Bluehost page on the left side and click “Next”.

You will then be taken to this page:


Fill in your information.


Scroll down, and here you will need to select your hosting package.


It will automatically be set to 3 years as this is the cheapest option.

You are welcome to change it to a shorter plan!

But remember you will save more money by selecting a longer plan.

Scroll down, and you can select your package extras.


Bluehost will automatically tick some of these.

You do not need any, so don’t feel obliged to get them and you will save money by not ticking any.

However the one I do recommend selecting is DPP (the top one).

It’s only an extra £10 a year, and it protects all your information you use to register your blog (like your phone number and email address) and stops people from accessing it.

I did not tick this for one of my websites, and I ended up getting loads of spam calls (I still get emails from people trying to sell website services to me).

So I do recommended adding the top option.

Then enter your payment information underneath:

Scroll down, tick the top box, then press “submit”.

Then just create a password:

And click “Create Account”.

Then click “go to login”.

Log into your new account.

Name your site and give it a tagline.

Choose your website type.

You will be prompted to pick a theme.

Skip this step, as I can set up a theme for you.

Then install WordPress.

And that’s the first step done!

Now you just need to forward me your Bluehost receipt, and fill out the form on this page.

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